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Motorcyclist shouldn't be given medical treatment??

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unreal.   ok, im gonna go on ASS mode here for a sec, i know the benifits of Donners, no need to convince me. But at same time who is this person to demand i sign my body over? If i dont, im not entitled to life saving services should i wreck?  thats balls man.

Kinda like saying your a bike rider, you dont deserve your body or life if you wreck.

why stop at bikes?  drivers licenses?   Hell, why give the choice at all? force everyone In the US to give up thier coldcuts no matter what. keep it nice and equal, No excuses, this includes religous ones too.  no need to worry about Veggie brains and persons in Coma. you get a year then your the Buffet for the day on day 366. no appeals no nothing. saves lots of lives, Gets rid of the wasters clogging beds and useing resources with No returns.

ok, ass mode done.

I think riding helmetless is the most stupid fool thing a rider can do.  Shouldn't lump in riders who wear gear with those who like the wind in their hair.  

So yeah, helmetless riders should be donors.  And all motorcyclists should have insurance.

Motorcycling is a well known and common form of transportation.  Responsible, equipment wearing motorcyclists shouldn't be discriminated agaianst.

maybe we shouldn't give treatment to anyone involved in any activity that might sustain injury....

Stay on the couch and eat your MacDonalds, America. Don't try to go outside and enjoy your life, cause if you mess up, we'll cannabalize you.

Friggin ridiculus :x



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