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Motorcyclist shouldn't be given medical treatment??

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Jeff P:
Ed is correct.  Not wearing a helmet is dumb, but it simply represents an increased risk over riding with a helmet.  Riding a bike instead of driving a car is another instance of increasing your risk.  There is no logical reason for helmet laws that doesn't also apply to motorcycling in general.


Maybe we should refuse medical treatment to downhill skiers too?  How about smokers?  Or people who leave loaded guns in their nightstands.  How about cagers who run red lights?  What if you just eat too many potato chips?

Helmets are smart.  Smart riders will wear them.  Can you pass a law to make someone smarter?

No no

No, you can't pass laws to make people smarter...  But, we sure have a LOT of laws to protect (or should I say reward) the stupid.

It's amazing the lengths people will go to foster their own biases.  The guy clearly doesn't like motorcycles and by extension those that ride them.  So he puts forward "social responsibility" arguments to bolster his opinion and then foists it off on an uneducated and unsuspecting public as reasoned argument based on fact.
As you have all pointed out, to deny care to one group on the basis of a perception that they contribute to the risk of their activity is the thin edge of the wedge, and will result eventually in a Nazi Germany outcome.  Because who decides who gets care and who doesn't?
As someone who has been in the position of having to provide care to folks who have clearly contributed to their illness, it is often hard to overcome the feeling of "You deserve this because of what you have done" but in the long run I'm here to provide people with what they NEED, not pontificate or lay blame.

:roll:    Folks, the editorial( is satire--scathing, but satire nonetheless.  That's made perfectly clear in the author's parting shot.  The intended target is the always controversial repeal of a State helmet law. :dunno:


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