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2002 BMW 650 CS

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found a BMW in local trader magazine.. what do you guys think?
any experience? decent bike? or too much electrionics to break?

insurance should be afforable compared to supersport bike and I
can't afford speeding ticket to add to my license history.. and so
dual sport bike sounds fun.


GS or CS? Anyway, both use similar set-up except the GS is supposed to be more oriented to back-roads/dirt-roads and the CS is oriented toward the urban jungle if I recall correctly. Very torque oriented with around 50 BHP and flickable to boot. You can supposedly get all kinds of luggage accessories for them without it looking like a garbage barge. Shoot, it's a Beemer so it' just about bound to be reliable. I've personally never read or heard of anything bad about either one. But then again, I've never had anything against anything with two-wheels. Love my GS500 and this forum.


It *WAS* a CS and sold already :(

Anyway, it sounds like a decent bike.. and a possible replacement for my GS.

William M:
OK, this is only me and we're talking older BMWs, but I had absolutely terrible experiences with the things. The RS was my "dream machine" that I lusted after , probably because of the fairing. It was the only machine I paid a mechanic to check out before I bought it. I had another BMW previous to that which lasted 4 months before being sold for parts. Ya think I would have learned.

Sold it a year later for pennies and pushed it the 3 miles (yes 3 miles) to the guys house. I heard later the guy put $1500 into the thing to get it running right...which was about what I spent fixing that thing.

One of that happiest days of my life when I got rid of that POS. It even beat my british MGB for most mechanical breakdowns.

my dad had a 91 k75s that was an absolute POS. 2 months after we sold it the guy we sold it to had it up for sale saying it was missing second gear.


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