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Satellite Radio recommendations?


So I'm wanting to buy a sat receiver for my fiance's vehicle (02 explorer)

I like the in dash unit that is already there, so I'm only looking at the units that just use the existing stereo. XM radio has more of the stations that we like.

Here's my question. Which one has the best overall ease of use/ sound quality?
There is the Delphi Roady2, the Delphi Skyfi2, the audiovox xr9 xcs9. also in a more permanent mount style there is the terk xm commander (not really in the running, I like being able to remove it, plus I may buy a home base or boombox.

So far I've narrowed it down to the 2 delphi units, but any input on any of these will be appreciated.

once i get her car figured out, next project will be rigging XM on the bike  :mrgreen:

I'd personally go for Sirius...  but then again i own stock in them.

Decided on the delphi skyfi2, so far I really like it...


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