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We'll miss you dearly Rich (Phaedrus) - UPDATED 7-02 PM!!

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i dont know where to begin guys. i've never had to do this before.  i was at the pool this afternoon with a friend of mine when my fone rang.  it was rich's number.  of course i answered with a 'hey buddy', but soon learned it was his fiance.  right away i knew something was up.  she started off saying she had some terrible news.  rich went out this morning on a ride and was killed in a serious accident.  i dont know many details other than there was serious head trauma.  she asked that i share this with everyone and also to let everyone know a funeral is in the works and is expected to be in the next few days.  we are all welcome to go. i just ask that everyone keeps his family and fiance in their prayers and ride safe. he was a well known guy around here and made a huge impact on our community.  he was nice to EVERYONE, very informative, and just a great guy all around.  we'll all miss him terribly. 

i'll keep everyone posted with details as they emerge so dont worry. JOHN, could you please make this a sticky?

UPDATE (morning of 7-02-06)

amanda spoke with rich's fiance (kim) this morning.  i will prob talk with her again soon today.  right now the viewing is gonna be on thursday the 6th and the funeral on the 7th.   it will be somewhere in norwich (sp), NY.  we dont know where yet. that will be decided soon and i'll let everyone know.  also kim wanted us to change our plans up a lil.  they used to do toys for tots or something like that, so she would appreciate if we dontated the money there. i'll get more specific details.  i still think we need to do flowers in addition.   

as for what happened with the accident..  amanda spoke with kim this morning and relayed this to me.   according to kim,  he was out on a morning ride when he came to a curve in the road.  it just so happened that as he was in the turn, another motorcylce coming from the opposite direction, crossed the yellow line and hit rich's bike head on.   the other person involved in the accident is in the hospital right now as we speak.  i dont know details on his condition.   from what i understand, Rich died at the scene. 

UPDATE - 7-02 PM

i just spoke with kim a few minutes ago. she is very appreciative of what is happening on the board with the memorial rides and donations etc.  view and funeral information is as follows:

both will be held at Fayhef Funeral Home in Norwich, NY.  its on the corner of Rexford St and Broad St.  the viewing will be on Thursday July 6th from 2-4pm and 7-9pm.  The funeral will be held on July 7th at 11am.

Fahy R J Funeral Home
116 N Broad St
Norwich, NY 13815

(607) 334-8833

This is not a joke.

I feel sorry and overwhelmed.  :cry:

I didn't really know him but he hepl me with somethings when i first got to the board. I cant believe he is gone. Please tell his family our prays are with them. :cry:

We were just with him this weekend...I spoke to him on the phone two days ago.  Rich was the nicest guy.  I can't believe this...

Melissa and Julie, I wanted to tell you personally b/c I know you had plans to see him, but I couldn't get to you soon enough.  I'm sorry.

We need to send flowers from all of us, maybe John can help out with that.

All of a sudden, it's hard for me to breathe or do anything... :cry:

He will be missed.  Please send my condolences to his family and friends, and I my prayers are sent to them.


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