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Beware of ebay seller CarID (usually car parts)


The Buddha:
They sell alternators that they claim are remanufactured. Either they are remanufactured in the sloppiest manner possible or they are just cleaned up old alternators with some random parts that they think could be bad swapped out.
I bought one of these supposed "remanufactured" alt's 18 months and 15k miles ago. From day 1 it would sorta flash the lights. More so at idle, but it was perceptible at even highway speeds. Now I would guess it is a bad diode in the rectifier part of the circuit.
18 months and 15k later, it is dead. I pulled the old alternator that ran 160k and died and found its brushes were worn out. I replace those and put it back, and no more flashy lights.
Just a heads up. BTW there is a number of threads on the net as well as youtube videos etc about replacing brushes in alternators. That is all that goes apparently.

I know lots of you guys are on lots of car forums. Pass it on. I posted it on the mitsu forum already.

This "seller" is on as well... I've seen several complaints.


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