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I put TKC80 knobby tires on my GS. At slow speeds it can go anywhere you would take a DR200, except over logs and roots.

I have bar risers with VStrom 1000 handlebars to give me a more relaxed position that works when standing up.

Rearsets were replaced with a set from some old CBR. Then I bought some cheaper chinese lowering pegs off ebay that fit the CBR rearsets. Now I can stand up on the GS. Although thats not really how you ride a bike like this through the rough stuff. More like sit down and duck walk in 1st gear.

Anyway, tires are the most important thing. I do this thing in Portland called the alley sweeper where a big group of riders tears through the many miles of unpaved alleys and roads in Portland Oregon. Its usually in March; cold, muddy and raining. Lots of time spent in mud, wet grass, trash and blackberry bushes. The riders that were falling most often were the Super moto guys with great bikes/suspension but street tires. My fully faired GSF made it through unharmed with fresh knobby tires.

Thanks Bluesmudge. Unpaved roads is definitely most of what I'm looking for. Although I do think that DR, which feels like a mountain bike when I ride it, can probably go up and down ledges or jump curbs like nobody's business but I would be petrified to try that on my GS no matter the tires!

I have less than 100 miles on that new rear tire, and less than 1000 on the front tire. But those are excellent tires and I think the'd be a great upgrade to the Triumph (has Avon RoadRiders) so I won't get too mad if I swap tires. Thinking maybe the Shinko 705s like my dad has on his DR, that is if that 120/90 will fit under the front fender.

This will definitely give my GS a new lease on life! And cement its' [more]permanent home in my garage.

mr72, how have the Shinko 705s done for you? Any issues with the 120/90 front tire?

I used a 120/70 front tire. So far very little gravel but they have been fantastic on what little I've done. Probably put 300 miles on, 1 of it gravel. Some low water crossings and over half of that bad/rough pavement. Really settled in once I got the tire pressure sorted.

The Buddha:
The whole appeal of the DR's IMHO 650, 350, 250, 200 etc is that they are air cooled. With a water cooled bike say you tear a hose on a trail, you're royally scrood. That's one reason these have a big fan following.


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