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my daughter's latest project



Muy bien, Senor!


Cool!  It's an interesting spin on the song I wouldn't have expected, but it was a great choice for the genre.

Some constructive criticism from one musician to another, I feel like the vocals are just a touch low in the mix.  The balance is good overall, but it can be hard to hear/understand her at times.

Also seems like she's a little nervous/scared?  I don't know how to articulate it properly, she just sounds like she's holding back.  :dunno_black:  You hear this a lot with fan dubs of anime and stuff, where the person recording the line either has neighbors/parents to keep appeased or is embarrassed/uncomfortable saying the line.  You get what can be described as "quiet yelling," problem with it is it sounds like someone trying to yell quietly, because that's precisely what it is.  You gotta be earnest with the voice recording and just go for it with gusto.

If it was worry about hitting the right pitch or saying the right lyric, as my band director used to say "Play that wrong note with confidence!"  A correct note played meekly will always sound bad, but the wrong note played with pride will invite correction during a practice or even sound purposeful in a performance.


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