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TU250X tuning

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verrry sweet bike  :D

My dad says the surging is almost completely healed now, he thinks it was partly if not mostly due to bad/old gas that has finally been run through. He has put industrial strength fuel injector cleaner in the last two tanks and he is convinced that's improved it too. Either way, I'm glad it's working. He says the bike is "almost perfect" in running, which is great.

However, that universal type bench seat has proven less than comfortable. He bought a bunch of TUX take off parts including a stock rear fender, stock seats (stock TU has separate rider/pillion seats) and the rear seat hoop that was removed from his frame, stock mirrors etc. I think he's in the process of returning the rear end of the bike to mostly stock and he's planning to make a rack or basket of some sort to put in place of the pillion seat. He says the stock seat is more comfortable but he hasn't done a long ride on it.

This brings me to the next question, maybe you guys have some ideas? He's over 200 lb... maybe a lot more than 200 lb I don't know. But either way he's using up half of the suspension travel just sitting on the bike. I'm sure a big part of his discomfort on this bike is due to running out of suspension travel. These shocks are longer than most, something like 14.75", and aftermarket off the shelf shocks are hard to find. Apparently some years sportsters had similarly long shocks that can be used which will have much stiffer springs given the bike is 2x the weight to begin with, but that may be overkill. Anyone have any ideas? I think the shocks are likely not capable of damping a higher rate spring anyway, so it'll take entirely new shocks, preferably something rated for a 200+lb rider but on a sub-350lb bike. Given this is a $600 motorcycle, spending $300+ on shocks is not going to go over well, so finding some donor bike to shop for take-offs would be awesome.

As for springs, the forks are 37mm same as the GS. So I think I'll donate my cut-down GS500 springs to his bike and see how that works. They were too soft for me at 200 lb on a 360lb bike, but may be just right for him at 200 lb or so on a 320 lb bike.


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