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calling CB(R)500(R/F) owners & others


anyone here have or have access to a modern CB500 variant with the satin black alloy 17" wheels? I think '16-20 models...

I need some measurements. For both wheels need measurements of the disc rotor offset and sprocket drive offset. Probably easiest to measure the distance between fork lowers or swingarm inside edges then make measurements from the fork left inside surface to the rotor surface and rotor thickness, or from the inside surface of the swingarm to the sprocket and rotor etc. You get the idea. I can do the math.

Considering using a set of these wheels on my Bonneville until I can find a replacement Triumph wheel.

Once I can drive in about October I'll go to a dealer and measure this myself. But you guys could save me some time and limping.

I dug around looking for a wheel for you in houston and online but came up empty!  fail  :technical:

Thanks for checking. I had been looking at Houston, San Antonio, Dallas etc Craigslist and found nothing. But I think I have a line on an original triumph front wheel. Expensive, but better than other less certain options.


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