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Now we can refer to that access port as the “bung hole”  :D
Odds n Ends / Re: Pivot around on side stand?
« Last post by Bluesmudge on Today at 04:41:07 PM »
The stock side stand on the GS can handle it. Once you find the center of balance a motorcycle doesn’t weigh anything. Any experienced motorcyclist should be able to walk around their bike off the stand using just two index fingers. Same thing with this “trick”. You can basically pull the bike into your lap, find the balance point and spin around with 0 effort. Only thing to be careful of is damaging the pavement.
The gear has slipped... about 5mm.. or so!

But as I said... I really don't know what previous owners have done... maybe someone has put it wrongly (I doubt). The engine has suffered some bad experiences.. this I can guarantee.. I saw A lot of improvised screws.. the cylinder is already with 14.75. The bearing of the connecting rod was put in the wrong size.... (see picture ) :sad:

Tough life... :2guns:
Odds n Ends / Re: Pivot around on side stand?
« Last post by qcbaker on Today at 11:03:07 AM »
I wouldn't say rotating the bike on the side stand is "common" but its not unheard of. Its a good way to turn your bike around if you've got limited space.

When I park my bike in my garage, I almost always lift the rear wheel and drag the tail of the bike so that its closer to the wall than I could've gotten it otherwise. Sort of similar, but not exactly the same thing.
Odds n Ends / Re: Something is a little odd here...
« Last post by qcbaker on Today at 10:58:03 AM »
Well, a Miata can corner.

True, but not as well as a bike lol. Really I just meant a small vehicle where you're exposed to the wind

In this case, you get the worst of all worlds: a vehicle that's too heavy for the drivetrain, has far too little braking, which is really a bummer since you will be plowing headlong into things you'd really like to avoid by braking, since it will understeer like a top fuel dragster.

Understeer and rollover in turns are problems for all trikes that have 2 rear wheels. As for the braking, are those extra wheels just free spinning or do they have brakes like a trailer?

I think this is only stable when you are getting on and off of it. But it looks like a death trap to me.

If someone wants a "motorcycle" but is terrified of leaning or for whatever reason cannot balance a two-wheel machine, then the right solution is a Can-Am Spyder. Unfortunately that's 5x the cost or more of a four-wheel-ized scooter. But at least that puts two wheels at the correct end of the vehicle.

Shocks me that the seller of this Burgman suggests it will go 90 mph. Well, it won't, but if it would, that would be a one way ticket to the ICU.

The Bergman 650 will easily do 90, so I could imagine the 400 getting up to that speed, but the extra weight from the training wheels would make that a tall order I think.
Odds n Ends / Re: Pivot around on side stand?
« Last post by Sarasi on Today at 10:38:12 AM »
 Sure you can, and it's kind of a thing, yeah. I let my boyfriend do something similar sometimes, to get the bike in his garage if a car has parked too close in front of the door - there's no way to make the turn otherwise in that case. But it's just a few degrees then, and he always lifts the rear wheel.

I do know a few people who think it's no big deal and they always do it. I also know that two of them have broken off their side stand once. The thing is that I haven't heard of anyone who doesn't do this pivoting breaking their side stand.

My personal opinion is that it's useful when it's useful, but even in that case, don't overdo it and I would never truly pivot it on the side stand. At most, I'd slide it a bit while lifting the rear.

If I truly had to pivot my bike all the way, I'd use my center stand. But I can't think of any situation where there are no other options.
in trouble again...

I tried 2 tach (even different brands) and something 'funny' happens: if it's a cold day the rpm's are accurate, but if i leave it in the sun or it's a hot day the rpm gauge goes crazy... any idea what can cause this? It is driving me crazy  :technical:

I connected to the stock tach rpm wire, maybe I should try connecting it to somewhere else?
Australian Meet & Greet Area / Re: The "Did I See You" Thread
« Last post by hInstance on Today at 06:31:16 AM »
Today, a black "F" exactly like mine on the outward bound lane of the Princes Highway passing through Officer. You had learner plates and a lime coloured vest.
If it's what I think it you are talking about it's a plastic plug that covers a hole in the frame that gives access to one of the boots in the rear suspension linkage. The plug will flick out if you are careful.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Mid corner wobble
« Last post by sledge on Today at 05:06:54 AM »
I will go with that too.
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