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Odds n Ends / Re: Anime?
« Last post by Watcher on Today at 07:12:08 AM »
Not entirely off topic, but I went to a local Japanese restaurant called Raijin Ramen for my birthday, and got some Black-Garlic Tonkotsu, Karaage, and later that evening had some Yamazaki single-malt whiskey.  My sister got Miso, it was also tasty but she missed out on the Chashu!

If I had died in my sleep that evening I would have died happy!

Anyway, to keep it 100% on topic you all should check out Nichijou.  It's "slice of life" and high-school girls  :icon_rolleyes:, but very charming, rather innocent, and absolutely hilarious!
Much of the humor is done by basically taking the over-dramatic and highly stylized scenes typical of action animes and applying it to mundane tasks and events.
You want DBZ-esque "power up" scenes for someone who's trying to catch a piece of their lunch before it hits the floor?  Nichijou has got you covered!
How about someone pricking their finger and screaming in pain so loud that the sonic waves pierce through space and destroy another planet?  Nichijou!
Martial arts vs mosquitoes?  Nichijou...
Also for some reason there's a 5yr old girl who happens to be a genius that made an android teenage girl to take care of her and the house while she slacks off drawing and coloring sharks, and also they have a pet cat who can talk.
Because, well, Nichijou...
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: ShowBizWolf's '98 GS
« Last post by Watcher on Today at 06:27:52 AM »
I got a big dent in my Ducati 250 gas tank when a Norton Commando fell into it.

Please tell me there are pictures of both of these!
For Sale / For Trade / Wanted / Hot Deals / FS: R&G Sliders for GS500F
« Last post by Scoz on Today at 06:17:00 AM »
Hi guys! I have a brand new set of R&G Racing crash protectors for the GS500F.  These are very nice, high quality sliders with solid mounting as many of you probably already know.  They only work with the faired model.  I'm asking $75 USD shipped from Canada.

Colour: Black
Fairing Modification: 28mm Holes
Mounting Position: Front Engine Mount
Quantity: Pair
Product Code: CP0158BL

See the R&G website for more details.

Images are working for me.

How did you do this?  (the stripe, not the internet magic)
There is no interval of time/mileage, pad life depends very highly on the rider.

You can look at the pad and see how much "meat" is left on them, from there just use your best judgement.  If they look thin, change them.  If they look fine, leave them alone.
It's not rocket science, really.

If you're on the fence about whether or not you should, it may be an ok idea to pair that service with a bigger job.  For example, brakes are looking :dunno_black: and you're near the wear-bars on your rear tire.  The wheel has to come off the bike for a new tire anyway, may as well just do the brakes while it's easy to get to.  Pads really aren't expensive, anyway.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: And this is my Suzi!
« Last post by Watcher on Today at 05:59:42 AM »
Holy massive picture, Batman!   :icon_eek:

Fun tip, you can shrink down images by putting a resolution number in the opening IMG tag

For example, {img width=800} as the opening tag will resize the image to 800 pixels wide and the height will automatically set based on the picture's ratio. (but with "[]" instead of "{}", obviously).

THAT'S better!   :cheers:
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Photos!
« Last post by Watcher on Today at 05:50:54 AM »
EDIT -- my wife just went on a ride with me to the grocery store. Victory!! :)

Be careful, you might just have to find another GS for her!
Odds n Ends / Re: Hawt People with Hawt Bikes
« Last post by Watcher on Today at 05:47:28 AM »
maybe this will work?


I can see that one, success!   :woohoo:

By the way, you don't look anything like I was expecting (with the way you've been customizing your bike I was expecting someone more...  I guess, Chris Pratt?).
Meet and Greet / Re: Helloooo!
« Last post by BeardedThunder on June 21, 2018, 11:15:24 PM »
Gotchya - if I wasn't waiting on a sprained ankle/knee to heal, I'd capture the beach one.  I'm in Wilkesboro NC, and the Kerr Scott reservoir has several public beaches.

I think I have decided to pull it apart and rebuild it.  I have never done that before.  Sometimes, changing a sparkplug can be challenging for me.  I'm a smart fella but I tend to poke myself in the eye a bit with tools.  This should be fun and only kinda painful.  I plan to start with the forks because they are getting messy.  My only concern in an overall rebuild is the wiring.  It is in questionable shape.  I assume there are plenty of wiring diagrams around by now.

I'll start a build thread as soon as I get through the CAPTCHA.  It takes me several tries each time I post, even when listening to the letters.
Odds n Ends / Re: Hawt People with Hawt Bikes
« Last post by ShowBizWolf on June 21, 2018, 10:52:32 PM »
Sweet!! Yes, that works! Awesome :icon_mrgreen: I like the stripe too (just saw you added it in the other thread).
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