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My 1993 GS500 Race bike

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Here's the original, unedited video. Audio track is mostly wind noise, but you'll catch some audio in there. Most of the passes happen early in the video. The last 2/3 is mostly tangling with a couple of faster bikes. Lots of room for improvement upon where I was with my riding when the video was taken.

Camera is a Contour HD.

Are you sponsored by Dasani?   :dunno_black:


Big Rich:
Just remembered: have you checked out the Eurospares site? I was browsing around on it and there was a good bit of talk of the Suzuki twins (400, 425, 450, and 500).

In all seriousness though, in all the threads I've read about building a tack bike no one has ever mentioned having overflow liquids run into a container (although it sure as hell makes sense).  I was reading the VIR track prep guide last night and it didn't mention anything about that.  Is that something that most tracks require?  Do most guys do it on the cheap like you, or are there more visually appealing methods to reach the same ends?


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