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General GS500 Discussion / Re: knocking at idle
« Last post by Joolstacho on Today at 07:20:29 PM »
Yes most top end problems cause 'rattling' 'tapping' noises, and typically 'knocking' sounds are bottom end problems.
Very common cause of this sort of noise could be the starter clutch.
Have a rummage under the tail - there's a surprising amount of room there. I use ziplock bags with rags to pad and stop rattling and carry an ever growing range of stuff - pretty extensive range of sockets and spanners (wrenches to you 'Merkins) together with 2 sizes of ratchet socket handles, screwdrivers etc.

Old school tip - spare spark plug (doesn't matter if old as long as it's a known working one) - and very definitely a decent plug socket - ever tried to get a spark plug out with that pathetic tin thing and bendy handle that (might have) come with the bike?

Briefly, imagine a cold, wet, pitch black night in the middle of nowhere and a 20 mile walk to the nearest petrol station when you've just had a puncture or the engine died.....  :sad:
Minimum are tools required for front/rear wheel removal (and subsequent replacement) in case of puncture, plug socket and bar (to check that a spark is actually there), TORCH (because it's a dark and windy night....), rag/wipes to clean oily mitts before sticking thumb out to hitch a lift to wherever with a punctured motorcycle wheel under your arm, spare fuse, length of wire for bypassing anything, zipties (s,m.l sizes), string, plastic disk for side stand on soft ground... and the list goes on...
Yeah, sounds like the regulator/ rectifier as mentioned. They have 3 yellow wires and curry a lot of current. Failed diode maybe? You will need a new one if that's the case but may have fried other stuff.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Giving in and asking for help
« Last post by Kookas on Today at 05:15:10 PM »
Don't know how you interpreted that to mean !y bike won't idle off choke. It just idles low when cold.

I meant that the bike shouldn't idle at 500 rpm off the choke even if cold, that indicates an issue.
Tard Farm / Re: Last Post Wins - V3
« Last post by yamahonkawazuki on Today at 05:13:01 PM »
gotcha, i misunderstood.  heres hoping for the best Eh?
General GS500 Discussion / Re: I love my fairing.
« Last post by Kookas on Today at 05:10:34 PM »
My F is my only practical way to work. Heated grips are the best. They also saved my ass when I got back from Spain only to find I'd left my gloves over there! Could hardly tell I wasn't wearing gloves thanks to the grips, although the battery definitely didn't like the extra demand - the bike had been sat in the cold airport motorbike parking for 5 days! It was a little reluctant to start up again after I shut it down. So I do recommend you avoid using heated grips for anything shorter than 10-mile journeys, although these Oxford Hot Grips I'm using flash when the battery's draining and eventually turn themselves off so the battery doesn't go flat, which is about what you need really!
General GS500 Discussion / Re: GS500 Fuel Hoses
« Last post by Kookas on Today at 05:01:59 PM »
Had the exact same happen to me. From what I can tell, the little metal clips abraded the hose over time and that combined with aging rubber and being pulled on slightly as I pulled the tank up lead to a rip and a giant fuel stain on the ground.

I bought some 8mm (5/16") hose. Nothing fancy - it's known as SAEJ30R6. I used a hairdryer for about 30 seconds on the petcock ends of the hoses, and that let them go on really nice and easy. The other ends just slipped onto the tank nipples cold. I also didn't use any metal clips, and just made sure the hoses were all the way on the nipple - the barbs on the nipples create all the seal you need and there's no way the hose is coming off without your say-so.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: knocking at idle
« Last post by mr72 on Today at 04:45:00 PM »
power is definitely down but it happened gradually. I did re jet it. and you think maybe valve guides or a burnt valve? really don't wanna take the head off

IDK I'd have to hear it, ride it.

Do a compression test and settle your mind about the valves.

I didn't suggest pulling the head, I suggested pulling the valve cover and inspecting. That's a whole lot more practical. If one of the cam journals is loose, timing chain is flopping, etc., you can easily see it with the VC off. You can also check the valve clearances but for the valve clearance to increase the shim, top of valve, etc. would have to somehow grow. That doesn't happen. They wear the other way. Actually most of valve clearance changes is most likely due to the valve seat wear causing the valve to sit deeper in the head when closed reducing the lash at the top of the valve stem. You compensate by reducing the shim thickness to accommodate ordinary valve seat wear. So noisy valvetrain is almost guaranteed not to be due to excessive valve clearances unless you screwed up a valve adjustment.

If you had a burnt valve it probably wouldn't make noise. It would just have no compression and have very poor power. Especially wouldn't run when hot. Now, you might have carbon buildup on the valves causing them to not close fully which would eventually lead to a burned valve, but early on would cause a lot of valve noise and low compression. That is before the valves burn or bend (on mine, they bent). Compression test will give you some clue.

But I still don't know what you mean by "knock". Normally "knock" is a description of a bad rod bearing or crank main bearing. Normally valvetrain noise is not described as "knocking", but more like "tapping".  So "knock" may indicate bottom end.
Tard Farm / Re: Last Post Wins - V3
« Last post by peteGS on Today at 03:57:56 PM »
Body filler ain't gonna work out now... the way the tank is it won't even fit on the Kat any more  :technical:

Time to do what I should've done and leave it to the experts  :thumb:

Managed to collapse the shed and bring the Kat back inside between showers last night so now I can work out what fasteners I need and get all those painted bits mounted up. I also need to get the rubber edge trim permanently secured to the battery/electrics tray so the wiring doesn't chafe on the edge, I have some adhesive around here somewhere for that.

Hopefully I can get out of work early enough tomorrow so I can pick all the fasteners I need up and get some progress done on the weekend. It'll be raining again so no riding this weekend as it just won't be fun.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: knocking at idle
« Last post by drowningbird808 on Today at 03:15:06 PM »
power is definitely down but it happened gradually. I did re jet it. and you think maybe valve guides or a burnt valve? really don't wanna take the head off
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