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Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: New / Old restoration
« Last post by cbrfxr67 on Today at 09:48:47 AM »
sweet,...good tips too
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Rejetting newby
« Last post by The Buddha on Today at 08:47:01 AM »
Mr72 is right.
Stock is 17.5/130 from the factory, we put in 20/132.5 and 3 turns/1 washer. Usually a slip on with stock airbox and paper filter will work with the 20/137.5 quite well.
The mains with K&N lunch box and pipe 147.5. The rest is same as above.

You can get those at your nearest bike store, or I sell them $25 shipped in the US for either kit.


General GS500 Discussion / Re: Rejetting newby
« Last post by mr72 on Today at 08:15:26 AM »
Depends on which K&N filter (drop-in or lunchbox). BTW probably limited or no value in that filter over a paper one so it may be far easier to just put the paper filter back in. But if you are not willing to switch the air filter back then you will have to rejet for the air filter otherwise the bike will run quite lean.

The exhaust alone won't require a rejet, provided you are switching back to a paper OEM type air filter in the factory air box. It won't hurt to upsize all of the jets one notch above factory simply because it might be a hair lean from the factory and maybe two hairs lean at WOT with the exhaust change but it's not strictly necessary. It seems relatively common to have to +1 the pilot jet on most GS500s to get them to idle right, exhaust and air filter won't affect that.

I'd bump all (both... don't remember your year model) jets +1 size. Your plugs don't look that lean. Clean everything while the carbs are apart, verify no vacuum leaks, etc.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Am I spending too much???
« Last post by mr72 on Today at 08:06:29 AM »

Let me say this about "restoring" a "cheap" bike like this, I have found without question if you like restoring and tinkering on a vehicle as a hobby a GS500 sure is a cheap way to do it, comparatively.

You pretty much throw your money away restoring any vehicle. It has to be a labor of love, or the journey you are paying for rather than the destination, something like that.
Hi Folks,

Finally got to ride back up the hill and test it, first ride it was lumpy - similar to previous times. Plugs were quite lean- not rich looking as I expected.
Second time I decided to see if a bit richer might help and went up with the choke at around 25% and this seemed to improve it a bit.

Both times the plugs were quite "lean" looking. We dont have Ethenol fuel over here so I believe the plugs reads are more reliable. I only remembered to take photos of the plugs after the "choke run" but they still no sign of richness.

So it seems that I was totally off course assuming rich behaviour and the bike IS actually running lean wich is exacerbated with spirited mountain climbs at around 1/2 to 3/4 throttle openings.

Does that seem reasonable?

Next plan is to open the carbs to check all jet sizes and then to clean it, do a few more rides to check at which throttle opening the problem occurs which will identify which carb circuits need to be increased.
Does that plan of action sound right?

Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: mr72's '92 "project"
« Last post by ajensen on June 22, 2017, 11:48:24 PM »
Good looking rack--goes well with the lines of the bike.
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: New / Old restoration
« Last post by ajensen on June 22, 2017, 11:45:03 PM »
I have a Spain-built gs500f, which is infamous for bad frame paint. I'm curious how the bed liner paint will look when the bike is put together. Your frame looks really interesting.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: cloth wire covering?
« Last post by gamdon24 on June 22, 2017, 11:34:16 PM »
I could also use a "new" undamaged clutch cover if anyone has some spare parts? 
General GS500 Discussion / cloth wire covering?
« Last post by gamdon24 on June 22, 2017, 11:32:31 PM »
Does anyone have experience with repairing this Old worn out cloth covering for the wiring to the engine?

I haven't started to dive into the motor yet, but I am positive I will be wanting to replace this with some more up-to-date wiring.
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