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April 21 Saturday wrenching at the Cave

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West Seattle GS500 Club Bike Cave Wrenching Session.   WSGSCBCWS for short  :cookoo:

Plan for wrenching this Saturday if any of the locals want to stop in.
I got the official Suzuki fork tool if anyone needs fork work - especially the new ones that require the special tool.
PM me for details.

PS: Did you know the Club owns the domain "GS500club  dot  com"?
We have our own email server too.
Members that want a gs500club email address just email PM me what you want for your email, your name (for our administrator's records), what you want for your password and an email to send the info back to you so you can set up your email program.

I'll be there...with my SV650. We can adjust the valves. LOL!!!  :icon_lol: :flipoff:

Why don't you move to Atlanta, Adidas? It's great here... (sarcasm)

WSGSCBCWS, eh?!  :cookoo:

Yes, adidasguy, very interesting

Updated: next wrench session Saturday the 21st.
PM me for details.
Starting anywhere  after 10:30 ish. Maybe a ride after like last Saturday.
We'll see what's up with Phenix  :dunno_black:  :icon_eek:  :icon_question:  :icon_rolleyes:  :icon_lol:  :woohoo:

Last Saturday:

I have a feeling there will be a special surprise this Saturday......


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