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For Sale / For Trade / Wanted / Hot Deals / Re: GS500 engine for $30
« Last post by J_Walker on Today at 01:08:47 PM »
I'll be in Seattle this weekend with my pickup truck. Someone is selling a GS500 engine for $30 on craigslist.
"I have a nice condition gs500 engine. Has compression and turned over and ran when it was given to me. Needs rebuilt though as it vibrates more than it should.
Just the engine no carbs.
Come get it please.
It's 30$.
Come on.
Take the valve cover and throw the rest away and it'll be worth it.

If anyone wants this engine and is wiling to pay me a few bucks or gs500 parts for my time and all shipping expenses I could go get this thing and ship it to you. Or some other deal.
Let me know if there is any interest before the night of November 17th.

Things you can't go wrong with.
>the head/cams
>engine stud bolts
>the cam chain tensioner.
>crank case covers
>GOATS free generator magnet rotor? OR one with GOATS and repaired with my famous JBweld repair. lol

the various gears can be taken apart and sold to hipsters for wall art..
General GS500 Discussion / Re: charging issue?
« Last post by mr72 on Today at 10:57:00 AM »
Here's a picture of the disaster that was the wiring before I started this quest.

Here's the same side of the bike with cleaned up wiring:

And here's a look into the battery tray which now has the igniter in there sharing space with the battery and the turn signal relay:

I kept trying to like the look of the bike with no side covers on it and just couldn't make it work in my mind. It just looks unfinished, literally like there are pieces missing. I thought about crafting something to just cover the back portion of the triangle area which would cover up the starter relay and maybe the reg/rect but again everything I imagined still left gaps that looked very unfinished. I'm not into the "rat bike" look. I like the "complete bike" look, and the side panels went back on.

Now I'm having bizarre charging behavior. I almost rode to work today but decided not to because of charging issues.

Like I said now that all the terminals are properly cleaned and maintained, the charging voltage is 14.2V at idle and up to 14.4 at higher revs. That's perfect! However, the other day I rode to work and then had to make a short trip from my office to another office just like 6 miles away. The bike wouldn't start reliably to get me home from the second stop. It's like the 6-mile trip was not enough to recharge the battery after starting it at the beginning of that trip. Eventually the bike DID start but then the dang thing died before I could get underway (weird choke-no-choke behavior of a bike that's been sitting only a couple of hours) and wouldn't start again. Just "click" when you push the button. I jumped it.

When I got home that day after a 30 minute ride all was fine again. I parked on the street as usual then had to start the bike again and move it into the garage where I parked it early in the week. I went out this morning to see about the battery before attempting to ride to work, and it measured a whopping 13.72V. According to my math, the maximum voltage of this pack should be an amazing 14.6V although it will never reach that with the GS's charger which peaks at 14.4V.  So even though the voltage was high in my mind for a 12V battery (actually, this one is truly a 12.8V battery), it was nowhere near full. OTOH the charts say at 14.0V it is "95%" charged.

For that reason I decided to put it on the plug-in charger in "slow" charge mode. I've never measured the output of this charger, I guess I should. I plugged it in and in literally 10 minutes or less it shut off and proclaimed the battery "full". My guess is that since it's a lead-acid charger, it thinks it's full when it hits 13.8V. It may never get to really "full" on a plug-in charger, or even likely to 95%.

So this may be the tale of the never-charged battery. I think I need to get a battery tender that's made for LiFePO4 batteries specifically that will charge it to 14.6V so the bike has the chance to run on a fully charged battery and just maintain. In the long run what I really need is a R/R that will run at 14.6V or at least be absolutely sure mine is putting out 14.4V which should be enough to get it to 95% routinely.
always loved logitech mainly because of their customer service dept. ( if there is a problem)
CM Storm and ThermalTake TTe have some decent mechanicals for pretty cheap.  TTe makes a pretty standard keyboard with their own ripoff of Cherry MX Blue switches called the Poseidon that sells around $75.

I've used mice with "precision" buttons before.  Hate them.  I use a relatively low sensitivity anyway, but most games nowadays let you fine tune your zoom sensitivity in the options menus, and lately I've been preferring a 1:1 resolution when zoomed.
But the kicker is those "precision" buttons are usually dedicated, and you can't reprogram them.
On the flip side, many mice on the market with programmable buttons can be set to modify DPI on button press, even temporarily, so my Roccat can do the "precision" button if I want it to but I'm also not stuck with it from the factory...

I think I can reprogram the precision button on my mouse, but I've never wanted to, since I like it lol. Only downside that the MOUS9 has is that by default the DPI is rather low for a gaming mouse (just because it's bluetooth rather than wired), so if I were to upgrade, I'd probably opt for something with a higher DPI. I love the MadCatz mice, but they discontinued the MOUS series so I can't get a wireless one anymore. Might have to move to Logitech or look into the Roccat ones you're talking about.
The fuel (with B12 in it, super diluted) will not normally come into contact with the most delicate rubber part in the carburetor: the diaphragm. That is normally only exposed to air on all sides: engine vacuum on one side and atmospheric pressure on the other. All of the o-rings etc. should be fuel rated and good to seal even with a tiny exposure to B12. I still wouldn't soak or spray any carb cleaner including B12 onto the carb even with the diaphragm removed because it will certainly accelerate the degradation of o-rings and rubber seals in the carb even if it doesn't immediately melt them like it will the diaphragm. Carb cleaner is great once you have completely torn the carbs down, separating all the metal bits from the rubber bits, then clean the metal bits with carb cleaner and replace the rubber bits with new ones when putting it together.

Screw up the diaphragm even a little bit and it'll ruin the running of the bike. Plus it's hard to diagnose.

I have used B12 this way before and it works fine in a GS. Just don't spray carb cleaner on assembled carbs, it will destroy rubber parts, in particular the rubber diaphragms.

If you want to refresh the carbs I put some pretty complete instructions in a post on my blog last month. Take a look. It is about a 2 hour job if you have done it before and maybe double that if it's your first time to turn a wrench.
Ok thanks. Thats the answer I was looking for and suspected to be true. I watched a youtube video where a guy compares different cleaners, and he soaked the carbs in B12 fuel additive cleaner and it basically ruined the rubber diaphragm. (I know thats not how its supposed to be used but it still scared me a little, obviously its much more diluted in practice). And I dont know about how much rubber is in the carbs so I wanted to be sure. I'll do that next time I fill up. And Ill check your blog post, thanks.
Odds n Ends / Re: aircraft flights in hd
« Last post by yamahonkawazuki on Today at 12:36:06 AM »
Air boner or air porn lol
Odds n Ends / aircraft flights in hd
« Last post by yamahonkawazuki on Today at 12:31:27 AM »
these  always were always fun to watch
Tard Farm / Re: Last Post Wins - V3
« Last post by yamahonkawazuki on November 16, 2017, 11:35:27 PM »
Here's a beautiful example of smog-belching, ozone-depleting Yankee ingenuity.  :thumb:

Can we mount it on the Cow???
with some frame work and a huge bank acct maybe
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: CAFE RACER/SCRAMBLER PROJECT
« Last post by The fink on November 16, 2017, 10:41:54 PM »
Congrats on the purchase. Excited to see what you do to her.  :cheers:
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