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General GS500 Discussion / Re: Preparing for carb rebuild
« Last post by user11235813 on Today at 07:39:31 AM »
It's pretty easy, use two water bottles with screw caps. Filled halfway with coloured water. make two holes in each cap U shaped tube connects the two bottles and reaches down to the bottom. The other hole in each lid has one tube that goes to each vacuum port on the carburettor and only extends a little way past the cap. Seal the tops with epoxy resin or even blu tac will probably do the job.

General GS500 Discussion / Re: Preparing for carb rebuild
« Last post by Toner on Today at 05:54:26 AM »
I don't know. Looks like by the time I bought all the stuff to build this and then build it, it would have been easier to just buy the tool.  :laugh:
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Preparing for carb rebuild
« Last post by user11235813 on Today at 03:56:06 AM »
Get an impact driver, or just wrench the screws off with grips then throw them away and replace with allen head bolts. Use the bolts with a deep set hex hole and little grooves on the side like coins, easier to handle than the dome head bolts with a smaller hex hole.

Go with a home made man-o-metre plenty of vids on you tube. just two bottles and some clear tubing.
Odds n Ends / Re: keeping the GS500, for now ?
« Last post by Watcher on Today at 03:45:52 AM »
I'd rather have a bike I am happy to ride and enjoy and take anywhere than one I'd be too afraid to ride since it would depreciate the market value or increase the odds that it won't look immaculate. 

Yeah, exactly. And this is exactly why I think I'd prefer to have my GS even if I had another (nicer) bike, that way if I was riding somewhere where I thought the chances of damage was higher, I could leave the nice bike in the garage.

My point was that I would get a bike to ride it, even if it's a bike one would normally "collect" or "show off".  If I had a Norton I'd ride it.  If I had an original Indian I'd ride it.  If I had a Super Cub that was owned by Soichiro Honda himself, I'd ride it.  Motorcycles are made to be ridden, one should ride them, if they end up with minor scars that's just evidence of a life well lived...
General GS500 Discussion / Preparing for carb rebuild
« Last post by Toner on Today at 02:56:59 AM »
Hi guys, going to be doing a carb clean and rebuild so I'm researching what I need. It's my first time trying it. I'm going to be following along to a few video tutorials and one blog.

I was wondering, should I really get bigger jets like the blog says:

"Replace the pilot jet with a new pilot jet, and go up one size from stock. This is a #40 for the '89-00 bikes and a #20 for the '01+. Don't bother trying to clean or reuse the old ones. They are easily clogged and cheap to replace."

I have an 00 GS500e

And do you know if this the rebuild kit I'll need:

Is there any store you would recommend get a different one?
Does that kit include the jets or do I need to buy them separately? Where should I buy them?

Was also wondering whether I should get one of these carb sync tools and sync the carbs with it as part of the job?
I never see it mentioned in the tutorials but there are seperate videos on doing that job.

Guess I need some JIS screwdrivers but not sure what size I need. Sizing on them seems strange.
One video on doing the carbs on a cb500 suggested getting a P2x150 and a p3x150.
Any advice on that for the GS?
So I am picking up a 89 gs500 project tomorrow. Its a project to say the least but the price is right. It does not run it was the start of a cafe racer project that was never finished. The rear of the seat frame is cut up. wiring harness is cut up. No lights, gauges, seat or gas cap. The drive train looks to be complete as well as the running gear. It looks like it was knocked over there is a dint in the gas tank no scrapes. I don't know how many miles are on it. The guy says the engine turns free. What should I check and what tools should I take with me?

 My plan is to check for cracks on the case and to confirm the engine is free what else should I look for?
General GS500 Discussion / Re: idling problem, doesn't need much, if any, choke
« Last post by tobyd on April 23, 2018, 11:12:28 PM »
Might having 'wrong' O-rings in the idle mixture needle/screw assembly cause an overly lean condition?

I did replace them with ones that seemed about right but weren't as specified. I'm now wondering if 2 or 3 turns on the mixture isn't enough as the o-ring is thicker and isn't letting enough fuel through once off choke? I suppose letting it out to 4 or 5 turns and dialing in won't hurt?

Plugs and intake boots should be arriving tomorrow and I might be able to get it back together Wednesday evening but I'm wondering if swapping in 3.0mm ID x 1.0mm C/S orings in place of 2.6x1.2 might be closer to factory? Definitely seems to have gone from way-rich to way-lean after swapping them?
GP shifting is a learning experience.  :laugh: It is great for catching the next gear when exiting left-handed corners.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Tacho drops to zero
« Last post by alpo on April 23, 2018, 10:49:45 PM »
With both the neutral light and the tach fluctuating, like gregjet suggested it's probably an electrical connection issue.

Trace the wires and look at the connections. On my '02 they all feed into the headlight housing. Remove the lamp and the wiring harness is accessible. I would disconnect the connectors, make sure the leads are clean and put some dielectric grease on them. Hopefully this will be an easy fix.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Tacho drops to zero
« Last post by gregjet on April 23, 2018, 08:28:02 PM »
Guessing the earth or power to the gauge needs a look at . May just need reseating if you are lucky.
Find the main plug for the wires first and pull it out and replug. Then go looking in the gauge for broken or corroded wires.
What year. I am guessing an electronic tach. If it's a mechanical you are going to have to check that.
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