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Phil B:

--- Quote from: adidasguy on July 19, 2012, 06:21:40 AM ---

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LITERALLY a lawnmower engine, strapped to a bicyle frame. Love it, lol  :laugh:

(Hmmm.. i wonder how one o dem new electric mower engines would compare, in this kind of situation.....)


ive got dual plans thanks to patricks keen eyes, got my eyes on a 3.5 tecumseh which will bolt directly to this plate. or via a palte which im saving for, one which will allow me to bolt my 66cc engine to this 4 stroke plate  to this one. and allow me ot use  my pull start, and not hurt my legs anymore.  ( significant neuropathy developing :S) OR i may use this plate and bolt engine to a trike rear end which will allow me to motorise any bicycle i get my ahnds on.


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