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General GS500 Discussion / Re: charging issue?
« Last post by mr72 on Today at 06:58:00 PM »
I have AGM and most mc batteries are AGM these days.
Where are you based? I have a suz18 key reader that will be able to give you your key code to get a new one cut, if you can get the broken key out of the barrel.

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General GS500 Discussion / Re: charging issue?
« Last post by joey on Today at 05:40:53 PM »
I'm kind of curious to learn about this as well. I'm no longer a fan of lead acid's myself. When I was competing in car audio comps, I grew used to using AGM batteries for everything. Namely XS Power batts. That, and tires, are the next things I'm buying for my bike (only had a few weeks now). With me learning how mine works and all of the troubleshooting, I've left my bike on a trickle charger every night and when I work on it and try to start it (say carbs off so priming, etc) I may get a good solid 10-15 attempts before my battery is low again.

I've had AGM batts in my car, during competitions where voltage drops can be below 10v at times, that bounce right back up and never skip a beat. Same thing with my boat that I leave docked. If I'm not out for a month, batts are low (like 10.5-11v) from bilge pump, etc. But once charged, act like they're brand new again.

Long story short, if you don't have an AGM batt, personally, I definitely recommend going that way.
Tard Farm / Re: Last Post Wins - V3
« Last post by yamahonkawazuki on Today at 04:53:43 PM »
yes the end of the truck  trailer is within sight. ( i uloaded trucks back in the day. the moment i saw the front end, i knew the job was nearly complete) youre knocking out lil piddling jobs for right now. other than  mounting engine and such, not much in major job land left to do :)
Tard Farm / Re: Last Post Wins - V3
« Last post by peteGS on Today at 04:26:28 PM »
All good, and yep can only hope for the best!

Won't get out for a ride tomorrow with the weather how it is so hopefully next weekend I'll be able to catch up with him and see what's what.

Ordered a bunch of fasteners last night and hoping I can pick them up at lunch today which will let me get the various trays and such mounted up to the frame where I can then just leave them there as another finished item.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: charging issue?
« Last post by Kookas on Today at 04:15:31 PM »
Depends how you're riding it. My bike takes me to work and back every day, which only takes me about 15 minutes. Charging voltage increases significantly the higher your revs are, so after the first few minutes of riding to let the oil heat up, I try to keep the revs between 5000 and 8000. So far, I've not had any problems with the battery.

However, I don't think it actually takes too much to charge it. When I came back from holiday, my bike had been sitting out in the cold (< 15 Celsius) for 5 days. With the alarm on as well, that must have drained the battery a little. It also took a few attempts to start it, presumably thanks to a cold battery and oil, which definitely took some power out of it. I then had no gloves and it was midnight, so I had to turn on the heated grips, sapping yet more power from the battery.

At the McD's drive-thru that same night starting the bike up warm, the starter was weak and it took a couple of tries. I figured the battery was still pretty low, so I rode the 2 miles home with the heated grips off. Since then, the bike has started perfectly every time, including on the cold, wet mornings today and yesterday. That, to me, suggests that that little 2 mile ride back home was a net gain for the battery's charge level.

Also, during weeks where I have done nothing but my commute to work and the shops (another 15 minute journey), I've not had any signs of weak starting in the cold mornings that would indicate the battery was draining overall.
Odds n Ends / Re: A million dollars but...
« Last post by yamahonkawazuki on Today at 03:11:07 PM »
Id do this cause I pretty much do it anyways. Course I don't think battlecow would be allowed but everything else would work. A million but it is in another nations currency. And exchanging such electronically isn't allowed. Manually have to locate a currency exchange bank, exchange, it then becomes another nations currency, this is done daily for 29 days before finally becoming your currency and you can then spend as you please.
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: GS500 Brat
« Last post by moto on Today at 02:57:15 PM »
Mould waxed up good, gelcoated, and laid up!! Fingers crossed this beauty releases from the mould 😂

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Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: GS500 Brat
« Last post by moto on Today at 02:55:55 PM »
Thanks ajensen, it's taking a while, but I would rather get it right!!

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General GS500 Discussion / Re: I love my fairing.
« Last post by J_Walker on Today at 01:42:29 PM »
So please ride carefully.

if we're getting into that, battery's matter too... and oil.
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