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General GS500 Discussion / Re: "Power Mods" - Worthwhile or Waste of Time?
« Last post by mr72 on Today at 07:02:55 PM »

I thought for a half a minute about a chopped down GSX 1000 head...

And I thought a whole minute about microsquirt.

Then I thought much more seriously about a different bike with more power and FI and 70+ hp.

Then I decided the GS500 is really fast enough and it gets the job done.

Now I'm in a loop between different bike and GS500 is good enough.
General GS500 Discussion / Regular Forks [1990] vs Spanish forks [2007]
« Last post by J_Walker on Today at 06:54:22 PM »
I have set out to find out the differences [besides one being a real PITA to get apart] along other things. Trying to put the 2007 tubes into the 1990 body, finding out there are some differences along trying to combine them. Mainly the piston being slightly different sizes [off by 1mm actually] the inner tubes has two different sets of plastic rings that make up the differences. I have been stumped trying to figure out how to remove these rings in a non-destructive manner. is the whole thing press fit in there? hidden threading I don't know about? it's just in there and the end of the fork tube is crimped over, no way of getting them out. the plastic ring has plenty of free play how ever and I tried pushing it out with a screw driver, isn't gonna work. now I'm trying to figure out what the purpose of this plastic ring is and whether or not it being slightly larger is gonna make a difference at all on how the forks are suppose to behave.

some doofus did an engine swap in his GS for more hp,...what a huuuuge waste of time!
Odds n Ends / Re: Life sucks
« Last post by The Buddha on Today at 06:12:13 PM »
Not crying from sorrow - I think I was crying for the total emotion.
Or to put it in man terms - Crying cos that sports achievement was so beautiful ...

IMHO, slip on if you get one cheap enough and a rejet as spec-ed in the manual for non epa countries gets you the best bang for the $$$ without losing much in terms of longevity or much of anything else.
After 17 GS'es and countless hand made parts that have either ended in the trash pile or been used to a "meeeh" effect, I now have a bike with more suspension and cosmetic and tank coating etc etc mods than performance.
I have a 95 (weirdo me I like naked 89-00 style) with yosh Tri oval slip on (hey I am not above the cool sheite) with stock airbox and correct jetting (non epa spec as laid out in suzuki manual). Its a great bike to ride, reliable and will be till it wears the duck out (anticipated @ 40-50K miles)
It also has Bandit 400 rear wheel, Kat 600 suspencion RF600 shock, corbin seat etc etc.
For fun factor, improve the suspension and "correct" the jetting.
To waste $$$ chasing an elusive horse power number - yea do mods out the wazoo.
Seriously. lots of people think I conjured up a jetting formula out of thin air, with an OR sensor screwed to the exhaust and running down an empty highway @ full throttle.
OK OK I did that, but only for K&N and pipe.
The correct jetting is listed in the manual under "Canada".
For Sale / For Trade / Wanted / Hot Deals / 1991 GS500E - Chicago
« Last post by tmbr_wulf on Today at 04:12:34 PM »
Not mine, but found it on Craigslist around Chicago somewhere.  Looks nice so I wanted to put it out here in case anyone is in the area and looking for one.  Looks like it was posted 3/13.
I totally agree with all the above.  Hard to squeeze more horsepower out of a 10+ yo bike, though rejetting and air filter are simple enough.

As mr72 said, the cheapest and easiest way to change your exhaust note is to drill out the baffle.
My first bike was a Yamaha R3 and this is what I did (check halfway down)

Though to tweak the equation a bit, it's more about power to weight ratio.   I did a lot of changes to my bike, and think I may have shaved off 30lbs or so.   I don't have another stock GS500 to compare directly, but I do love how mine rides.  An extra 25hp and 20ftlb torque would make it the perfect bike...

To derail the conversation, I wonder how removing the fairings would help.  You would shave off a few pounds for low speed riding, but wonder at what speed aerodynamics would kick in and make the fairings worthwhile?

Then what happened?  You must've been out riding and enjoying and forgot about modding anymore :laugh:
General GS500 Discussion / Re: "Power Mods" - Worthwhile or Waste of Time?
« Last post by mr72 on Today at 02:17:02 PM »
If your muffler looks like this:

... then you likely have a smaller diameter outlet inside of what looks like a larger outlet, right?

IDK specifically because I don't have a stock GS500 muffler here. But presuming it's like many others I've seen then there should be a sort of steel "donut" between the outer and inner outlets. You can drill holes in this donut and it'll get louder. Drill a 3/16" hole or so and you can then put a machine screw in it if you don't like the result to plug it back up. Want louder? drill more holes or use a unibit to enlarge the one hole.

This won't change performance at all, it'll just make it louder. It may wind up being buzzy or have more of a "whistle" to it. Depends on a lot of factors.

Easier is to just replace with a slip on of some kind that'll be a lot louder and maybe have a removable "baffle" or "silencer" (sort of a tube-plug that goes in the end) so you can adjust the nose level.
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: Customiser Getting a GS500
« Last post by cbrfxr67 on Today at 01:57:34 PM »
sweee-eeet :bstar: :bstar: :bstar:
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