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Tard Farm / Re: Last Post Wins - V3
« Last post by peteGS on Today at 09:20:02 PM »
Maybe they're just blind?  :icon_mrgreen:
Yep nice work indeed Greg, and yeah that paint scheme is spot on for a GS  :thumb:
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Problem with accleration
« Last post by Meukowi on Today at 09:12:44 PM »
Its K&N filter, and the earlier owner tried to fix these problems with all the stuff i said..
Anyway, i drove a little longer trip today and noticed that its all good if i rev all gears up to 8-9k and shift, too early and it starts to die, mostly on 4,5 and 6th gear, even got up to 105mph with this tactic, also tried to shift from low rpm 4-6k, but dead end at 75mph. It just won't, like out of power to acclerate normally. Might be a feature, dunno, still pretty new bike for me.

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Very very nice!!! I think I said it earlier in the thread but I'll say it again... I love the color :bstar:

Congrats on the finished project :cheers:
Good point PeteGS.
It doesn't matter how much current the battery can in theory supply. The electrical system will only draw as much current as it needs, and let's not overlook that the system is limited by fuse to 20A regardless of the capacity of the battery.

If you don't significantly increase the electrical load the system sees the current won't increase.


The TRUgel battery that I habe really is a beast.

That's not really the issue, the battery will deliver far more current than is necessary for normal running. It's the wiring that can't handle higher load than stock. So if you add more stuff you need to clear space for the current it will draw by reducing the current other things draw, which is where LED lights really help.

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General GS500 Discussion / Re: Bike not receiving power
« Last post by sledge on Today at 03:57:56 PM »
The fuse is ok........ Which one? The one actually in circuit that is only visible with the connecter plug removed from the solenoid or the spare one that is stored on the outside of the solenoid casing? This is a very common misunderstanding. Maybe you need to go back and double check  :dunno_black:

Assuming the fuse is ok put a GOOD battery in, make sure the terminals are clean and secure. Then with a meter or test probe check the red cable to the ignition switch is live with key-off and that the orange cable on the switch goes live with the key-on.........this will prove the ignition switch and give you somewhere to start testing the system

You mention rust and corrosion on the metalwork. If you have jumpleads you could also try running one from the battery negative terminal to one of the engine mounting bolts. This in effect will bypass all the ground connections. If things do start to work with the lead in place it indicates a related problem.

Oil around the battery is strange, my first thoughts would be are the engine breather, carb and tank vent and overflow pipes correctly routed.

A heavy key chain can turn off the ignition when going round a corner (don't even ask me how I know). Naaa I love this story. I havhe a little metal VW beetle key chain and on my Vulcan it used to sit there and nice roll left and right and look so daymmmm cute. Yea, OK then it went too far and turned me off mid corner @ 30 mph on an on ramp.
Its fun, but make sure the chain cant move much.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Fuel Grades
« Last post by grader on Today at 12:29:42 PM »
my 04f gets 80 mpg, imperial gallon, same as the 08f i had before that. my v-max many moons ago would get 35mpg, but it was worth it  :thumb:.
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