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General GS500 Discussion / Re: Ticking Sound From Engine
« Last post by mrdrprof on Today at 12:17:43 AM »
It's easy to make guesses but it's very difficult to accurately diagnose faults in this manner.

What's the back story?
Has it just started or gradually developed?
Have you been been on a long run and run low on oil?

It has been running great since I got it last year. I just noticed this noise when I was riding the other day. It may have been there for awhile but just got bad enough that I could hear it clearly but I can't be sure. It still seemed to run just fine though. I check the oil every time I get gas (I let it cool down first, obviously). I've never run it low on oil and the oil still looks new
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: New Australian GS500F owner!
« Last post by ShowBizWolf on July 19, 2018, 10:22:36 PM »
Saw your post on the fb group! Welcome to the forums... glad to see you here as well :thumb:

Awesome first thread! I'm looking forward to seeing the TLC ya give this bike. That chain is crazy!
General GS500 Discussion / Re: stock rear shock preload
« Last post by ShowBizWolf on July 19, 2018, 10:00:47 PM »
Yeah it's difficult to explain thru typing! That raised part of metal shaped like a 0 with the two recessed circles in it is what indicates what setting the shock is set to. There are two of them, one on each side of the shock so you can see it from either side of the bike.
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / New Australian GS500F owner!
« Last post by Beelzeboss on July 19, 2018, 09:57:54 PM »
Hi all,

I chose a GS500 because I'm familiar with the bike, having built a GS500 powered off-road buggy about 10 years ago, and I also have a bucket load of spare parts for them including a low km engine and gearbox.

The plan is to use the bike to ride to and from work (4k's each way) and to and from Sydney most weekends. I live in Bathurst at the moment so that's about 200k's each way.

I picked up the bike in Orange last night and rode it back. A few things were immediately obvious - the headlight was crap, the bike had no power, and the chain was loose... but it made it!

I checked the chain slack when I bought the bike and factored in a replacement fairly soon, but when I got it back I saw that it's all the way at the end of it's adjustment and still has a HUGE amount of slack, so there goes my plan to ride it to Sydney this weekend :(

Now on to the power issue. I think the bike has a big vacuum leak because a small amount of choke will bring the idle up to over 5,000 rpm and it has a hanging idle issue sometimes when riding. I'll try the old spray carby cleaner on the carb boots to confirm and replace the vacuum petcock which has a small leak.

The exhaust is also mostly blocked off which can't be helping the power issue. I'll use a holesaw and drill that final washer-baffle piece out and hopefully uncork some more horsies.

It's also a GS500F which someone has converted to a naked bike, no doubt because of a drop. All the indicators and headlight have been wired using crimp connectors which, while they work fine just now, I'd feel more comfortable if I could solder and heat shrink all connectors.

All that aside, IT MADE IT TO WORK!

General GS500 Discussion / Re: What have you done for your bike today????
« Last post by tobyd on July 19, 2018, 09:25:52 PM »
Changed the oil and filter. Checked the battery charging, checked the tyres, front doesn't seem to want to stay at 33psi, back seems alright though.

Nothing too bad in the old oil, its only done 700 odd miles but I think a fair bit of crap got into it when I had the head and barrel off so wanted that out sooner rather than later. Valves are a bit chatty so i'll look at them tomorrow or Saturday with it cold. need to check the head nuts too. oil had gotten quite dark in < 1000 miles. didn't smell petrolly though.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: stock rear shock preload
« Last post by tobyd on July 19, 2018, 09:21:11 PM »
I can see the numbers - I couldn't see any reference point on the shock to know where it had indexed though?
Oh wait, I think i see.

Is the lumpy bit through '5'  acting against the grey bit behind the adjustment/numbered bit?

gotcha SBW! nicely done :)
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: GS500 Brat
« Last post by crackin on July 19, 2018, 09:05:37 PM »
Looks good moto, I did exactly the same thing to my top plate. But i made and aluminum plate to cover the top. Also stripped the ignition barrel and cut the circle bit out.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: EBC performance brakes
« Last post by crackin on July 19, 2018, 08:34:06 PM »

 But on a serious note, ............ I can get the rear wheel off the ground

Really?........I guess someone out there will be impressed  :dunno_black:
Yeah, it's well impressive.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Engine is powerless
« Last post by crackin on July 19, 2018, 08:21:21 PM »
Dyno jet carb kit and K&S lunchbox filter, ran the bike in the dyno a couple of times to things right. Making 43HP at the rear wheel. The bike is stripped down to only the essentials, it weighs 160kg wet. Enigne is bored 1mm oversize, but that does next to nothing in the scheme of things. Open stainless baffle and custom made 15 degree merge on the stock headers. Vortex rearsets which allow me to run GP shift for fast, solid clutchless gear changes.
 I may have miss quoted myself saying it does over 60 in second, probably just click in third, LOL
 Anyways, I am the Gobshite of the forum and every forum needs one  :2guns:
General GS500 Discussion / Re: stock rear shock preload
« Last post by ShowBizWolf on July 19, 2018, 07:50:21 PM »
You can kinda see the numbers on the collar of the shock in the pics here:

If you look inside the collar, through the holes, you'll see the staggered inner collar and the tabs (one on each side) which line up with the numbers on the outside of the collar. Mine when I took it off was set at 5. Best picture I could get to try to show what I mean:
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