Author Topic: Gs 500e k-reg high spec for sale  (Read 983 times)

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Re: Gs 500e k-reg high spec for sale
« Reply #20 on: April 10, 2018, 01:18:03 PM »
I did when listing my gs for sale manage to sell it, but since that day I have regretted it. I purchased an sv650 and it was great but it wasn't my GS...

This is very interesting.

Before I bought my GS500 in 2016, which was my first ever street motorcycle, I did a ton of research about which specific bike to look for. Originally I was looking for an SV650. Actually now I wish I had bought something different instead but that's another story. Anyway, I read everything I could find on the internet about which beginner bike to get, problems with them, what people loved about them, etc. GS500E was the top of my list. The thing that put it over the top were the number of reports I read from experienced motorcyclists who had owned a GS500 and regretted selling it even after replacing it with what should have objectively been a better bike.

You don't see comments like this much on this particular forum, mostly because the people here mostly currently own a GS500 so they are not likely to lament selling it. Now that I am approaching the time to consider replacing my own GS500 this weighs on me.

Hope you find your long lost bike!

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Re: Gs 500e k-reg high spec for sale
« Reply #21 on: April 10, 2018, 03:16:55 PM »
It's a 2000 plate, its for sake if your interested  :)

Wanna trade? I got a GS for you, heavily molested I do warn, but It's got braided lines upfront, Whole lower end is brand new. .85 sonics with a fresh rebuild of all seals in the forks under 1000 miles. Kat shock in the rear. rear brake rotor is new, front one I was gonna replace but ran into some "got the wrong part" issues.

The only issue is it eats oil, Part piston rings, part valve seals I suspect. I probably put 200ML oil every 150 miles now. lol