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General GS500 Discussion / Re: Fuel Issue -- Help??
« Last post by qcbaker on Today at 08:25:22 PM »
Maybe the main fuel line is swollen internally or kinked somewhere. If so, that means the carb bowls would fill up much more slowly than normal. So, it would be possible that while riding, you use up the fuel in the bowls (plus whatever small amount of fuel is able to get through the swollen/kinked line) and then you start getting starved for fuel.
"i never backed off the pilot jet and it was snug"
Yep done that
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Terminal sounding noises up front..
« Last post by gregjet on Today at 08:21:17 PM »
On this forum is a few psots about the alternator rotor loosening. That will make the starter sound like it isn't engaging and possibly rattle ( eeek). If it is that, I would be checking the torsion on tha Alt. bolt REAL SOON.
General GS500 Discussion / Re: Fuel Issue -- Help??
« Last post by gregjet on Today at 08:17:11 PM »
The filter mash on the tank pick up could be clogged.
I made a set of plates , brackets, levers and heel plates for my GS500 project.
Because the left peg does not have any lever on it it is REALLY simple, especially for a fixed peg.
I made a complete aluminium lever with a proper ball bearing pivot for the right and made some carbon Heelplates.
The stock peg assembly is insanely heavy. If you want to lose some weight from a GS500 this is a good starting place. 2.6kg for the stockers ( not including lever) and .5kg for home made Al/ carbon ones. Making an Al heelplate set in stead of carbon wouldn't add much.
I didn't end up using the pegs shown and went to a fixed set ( a few grams heavier).
You could make a longer gear lever to attach to the stock position or weld in a section to make the stock one longer. Probably even get and aftermarket aluminium one to fit. I know it would still be stock shifting. Just making a simple shifter parallogram with same side actuators would give race pattern.

Kenner, It has been over 45deg C (113F) in my shed. Maybe I should send you some of the extra heat for your workshop. Sometimes too hot to breath in there.
Well i got into the carbs today and i totally forgot that when i cleaned them before i never backed off the pilot jet and it was snug. I backed it out 2 turns we will see if thats any better. As far as the jets go they are all stock as is my exhaust and air filter. Any other adjustments i need to make? I tried to find some info it only specified pilot jet position though. Thanks
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: Build pictures?
« Last post by ShowBizWolf on Today at 07:23:05 PM »
lol!! :laugh:
General GS500 Discussion / Terminal sounding noises up front..
« Last post by Kiwingenuity on Today at 06:04:29 PM »
      Well, I got as far as work today but my bike has developed a rather terminal sounding rattle from up front. Bike has done about 40k miles, done the valve shims twice in that time, last change about 6 months / 8000 miles ago. Been running perfectly normally in that time.


      Over about 10 miles the engine started to develop a slight rattle, especially noticaeble if the revs dipped below 1200.
      Was taking it easy the whole way in - rattle started to get worse / louder
      Pull in to work driveway, bike stalls out once RPM drops below 1200.  Won't start again while hot.
      Got it up on the stand and it almost sounds like the starter isn't engaging.
      Engine seemed to be holding in as long as the RPMs were held up above 1200 rpm

      Any quick checks I could do before I consider getting it dragged off to the shop?

      Looking at if the starter clutch may have borked itself..
Projects / Builds, Racing and Tech / Re: Build pictures?
« Last post by cbrfxr67 on Today at 04:08:50 PM »
HOw do you size the pictures show?  :laugh:
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