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Odds n Ends / Was this fate?
« Last post by Watcher on December 27, 2021, 12:45:31 AM »
I usually don't subscribe to stuff like this, but do you ever feel that sometimes the universe is speaking to you?

Ok, so, I've been a user of and huge recommender of the Michelin Road 5 tires for (counts on fingers) 4 years now?  Since they were released, basically.  I had two sets on my M750 before I sold the bike, when I wore the factory Pirellis off my 821 I tried the Power 5 but switched back to the Road 5 once those wore out, at my shop I sell more Road 5s than any other sport touring tire we can get, I got some coworkers on the Road 5 bandwagon, if someone on a forum somewhere asks "what is the best ST tire on the market" I swear I get a shiver down my spine and have to respond with a recommendation of the Road 5, if a stack of Road 5s falls in a warehouse and noone is around to hear it I wake up in the middle of the night wondering what went wrong, point being I really like this tire.

Mid to late November while doing, what else, posting an opinion piece about the Road 5 I noticed I was getting close to the wear indicators on the tread of the rear.  Not enough to need tires right away, but enough that if an opportunity came up I would be happy to change them.  Well, such an opportunity arose, my roommate was going to be flying out of state for the week of Christmas and they would be leaving behind their car.  As someone who still doesn't own a 4 wheeled vehicle, I figure this is my ticket to new-tires-ville!  So I go into work with the thought of buying up a set of Road 5s and waiting patiently for the chance to change them.  But then I had some time to think, and I thought, "should I try something different?"  I fell in love with the R5 so fast and so hard I haven't considered other options in literally years.  I work as a salesman in a motorcycle gear shop, I probably should broaden my experience with tires a little.
So I weigh the alternatives, not much stands out to me except Bridgestone.

The T32s!  Of all the tire brands we can get, the personal choice of the associates I work with is almost a 50/50 split between Michelin and Bridgestone.  Even though nobody I talked to has used the T32 yet, Bridgestone has a great reputation.  I've also ridden on the S21, S22, RS10, and BT016 on various other bikes, so I have the most experience aside from Michelin with Bridgestone.
From a design standpoint the T32 advertises:
-Improved grip in ALL conditions.
-Increased silica content for quicker warm up to operating temp.
-Improved flexibility.
-Increased contact patch on the shoulder for better cornering grip.
-A kickass promo video showing a dude doing stunts in the rain.
-Basically everything the Michelin Road 5 is but... Bridgestone!

Time to change?  Yes, lets do it!   :woohoo:   

What do you mean 2-3 weeks lead time on shipping!?   ???

LOL, so, what had happened was the only distributor who had the tire in stock had a data breach and shut down operations entirely with an estimated return to business of the 20th of December.   :technical:   Mind you I can still log in to their portal and see what warehouses they'd be sending these tires from.  Looks like Georgia or Indiana or something midwest/east-coasty and I'm in Arizona, so if I wait until the 20th to order I'll probably miss my window to use my roommate's car, that's even with the assumption things are back to business on time.
Well, I guess it's back to the Road 5s.
Or is it?
It's the week of the 20th now.
What's that, a different vendor now has the T32 available?  Whats that. it's in a closer warehouse!?  What's that, you can all but guarantee delivery before Christmas!?!   :bowdown:
Oh, nevermind, I ran over a razor blade or something and now I have a cut in my rear tire's tread.

So I ended up having to buy the Road 5s off my store's shelf anyway.  :dunno_black:

So now I can't help but speculate.  There was a freak event that prevented me from getting the T32s initially, and at the last minute when I was thinking I could still get them I was basically forced to stay with my usual choice due to another freak event.  Fate?  Or coincidence?   :cheers:
Odds n Ends / Re: New bike time! (Monster 821!)
« Last post by Watcher on December 26, 2021, 11:37:25 PM »
Funny this thread popped up again.

Yeah, I had all but forgotten about it, lol.

I haven't stopped loving the Scramblers, but I also haven't stopped loving my Monster.

It's rolling over 18k this week some time, and it's got a lot more to give.  Just put new tires on it just before Christmas, and I had it in for Desmo a couple of months ago.  Still running strong and still a ton of fun to ride.

I figure on paying it off until I decide to get a new bike, and I want to add to the stable rather than replace.  If something cheap comes along that I can't resist I might pick up another bike, but it'll be something used or "cheap" like a DRZ or a Honda Monkey or something.
JamesG and Dgyver were 2 that fabbed up a solo tail for the GS in the late 90/early 00's.
No idea about their real life race adventures. But they are both on here with atleast a few 100 posts each.
Okay, here is my 1st build from 1994 (post race bike, street only now, but still big carbs and gsxr shock).
 Forks and triples are 1987 GSXR 1100 with custom axle spacers and caliper mount. Rear sets, pegs and shifter were fabricated by me. Paint is base/clear 1991 Dodge Viper Red that was shot by a friend. TwoBrothers canister with custom mid pipe grafted on (Shawn gave me the canister). Motor here is 1mm overbore with a touch up of the valve seats and new stock valve springs. I think I have a dyna rev limiter on it as well.
 Edit- I now remember that at this stage I had cleaned up the intake ports and combustion chambers with sandpaper and matched the intake manifolds to the head. Also milled .040 off the head and degreed the cams. The way I remembered is because that head is in a box on my shelf now!
Thanks for the compliment, The Buddha!
 The guys I remember and raced with were named Donald and Buff (on GS500’s) and Ray Hendricks FZR400 with a big single in it (he was an expert, but novice and expert gridded together). Did James have a trick GS500 and moon eyes on the back of his helmet? If so I remember him from the GNF. Also Kurt Halls wife raced with us as well on a GS. And Brent Moore on a Ninja 250. All great folks, like a family back then. A tiny woman named Diane (I think), as well. A long time ago!
 I can find stuff I like in most of the builds. Even the ones that don’t float my boat. Someone is trying and enjoying. Hopefully. Soon you will see my 1st try from 1994, it’s not as nice in detail. It’s very time consuming, thought intensive and expensive to do one like mine is now, lots of trail and error. Most of the visual stuff and detailing (paint, decals and swingarm) were done in 2003. I am looking forward to sharing all this with everyone here!
Oh, Roebling road ? You by chance met JamesG or DGyver in those events.
Coon red on red street GS BTW. Complete with Corbin and lady with back rest. Too bad these fools who murder these out and bobber them etc, have no sense and no taste.

 Good eye moe_tunes, thanks!
 Trying to resize post old photos. I will try to follow the timeline of all the mods. Some of the mods weren’t straightforward but my goal was to try to make the bike look like it came this way, at least to the folks who don’t know GS500’s like most of us here do!
Hi and welcome.

For a bike that was on the track in the '90's she sure does look amazing in '21.
Well done !
I hope we get to hear the details of the modifications, I can spot 6 in the top photo.
Thanks for sharing.

Another try…
Pic 1
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