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Title: How To : change your front and rear sprockets
Post by: hmmmnz on November 23, 2006, 06:58:02 PM
another easy one,
what you'll need;
8mm socket, 22mm socket or spanner, circlip pliers(or long nose pliers)
12mm spanner, 14mm socket.
step 1. put the bike on its center stand (or make shift centerstand :D)
step 2. the front sprocket... remove all the bolts from the sprocket cover with a 8mm socket.
step 3. remove the front sprocket by getting your circlip pliers (or long nose pliers in mycase) and opening the circlip up and pulling it off.
step 4. remove the sprocket from the shaft.
step 5. the rear sprocket. (a) loosen off the rear wheel adjusters (b) undo the rear axle nut(22mm socket/spanner) (c) remove the rear axle (d) remove the wheel (e) undo the 5 (14mm) nuts holding the rear sprocket in place
(f) put the new rear sprocket on and bolt up.
step 6 . slide the new sprocket on top the shaft (making sue the lip is facing towards the bike)
step 7. put the circlip back on
step 8. put the back wheel back on and slip the chain over the front and rear sprockets.
step 9. put the sprocket cover back on and adjust your rear wheel and lube your chain ect :d
thats it. all done :D
heres apic of a rear sprocket that has covered 34,000 miles. :D
yep its completly F$$ed
hope that helps some one in the future :D
happy modding