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pewter GS500 keychains

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Hi everyone,

Been making some pewter keychains for myself. Just wondering if anyone out there would be interested in a GS500 one?
I've included a pic of mine so you can see the quality of it. The GS one would be like the pic below.
Setup time is fairly lengthy so i'm just puttin it out there to see if there are enough people interested in one. If so I will make some up. I figure the cost would be $10 shipping and would include circle split ring for the keys...i also have the beaded chain too...if its gonna be on the bike i would suggest the split ring one...the beaded can slip apart at the connector unless you crimp it tight.

Send me some feedback and let me know. :thumb:

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shure, can you put on the back?

Only one side can be done using the method i make them with.

The Buddha:
Whoooohoooo as soon as I get a damn job I'll buy 1 ... Bloody hell we are begining to make those Harley dodo's look un customised ...
Yea ... want to have a Unique GS500 - Leave it all stock... yea...

I'd buy one.

I will also donate to a fund to buy one for Srinath, it might inspire him to get back on his feet. :lol:


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