Author Topic: De rusting and Kreeming the gas tank.  (Read 5022 times)

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De rusting and Kreeming the gas tank.
« on: March 09, 2005, 06:29:54 AM »
OK get rid of all ... Yes ALL of the gas, caked and gummed up gas is OK ... just no fresh liquid ... OK little is OK ... you can water rinse it first, and the petcock and gas cap ... they cant be anywhere near where you do this ...
The ingredients you will need ... or have access to at an instants notice ...
You need to be near a garden hose ...Plus have 2 gallons of water as hot as you can get ... dont go boil water in a cauldron ... hot hot hot tap water will do ... and have a good 2 cup full of baking soda handy as well. ... a large dry towel or 2 ... Also have inner tube cut to the shape of the petcock and I also have a block off plate for the cap with inner tube so when I bolt the 2 plates in with inner tube ... its sealed and pressure tight ... you also need clear tape for the first 1-2 steps ... well ventilated outside area like back yard etc ... far away from the AC/Heater units ... I have nightmares about them sucking in the chlorine and filling my house wiht it ...
How rusty is the tank ... if its real bad ... I'd do 2 times instead of more acid once ... OK anyway ... tape the petcock opening with clear tape ... , and pour in a 16 or so Oz of acid full strength ... and tape the top up and start shaking ... that 1-2 mins you'll need to tape the top ... the acid will get into the crap pockets and that is what is best for the crap pockets ... Shake right side up, upside down side ways etc for 3-4 mins ... the thing to remember is ... the acid will eat rust very very fast, but steel very very very slow ... so if you spring a leak at anytime ... chances are the rust was so bad it would have leaked soon anyway ... BTW if it leaks ... game over ... welding time ... do even think of Kreeming it, dont JB weld it, dont lead filler it ... notthing really will fix it so that it wont give 50 miles from home on a cold winters night ... So shake and shake ... then open the bottom tape and let the acid out ... Top tape also can be removed ... but keep your head away from the 2 openings ... Then ... garden hose inside ... like fill the tank and slosh a few times ... and drain ... then put tape, put baking soda and more water and slosh ... to be certain acid is out ... Then when tank is almost empty ... yea you need to hold the thing so 99% will drain and not get stuck in crap pockets ... Put the petcock and rubber in the top and bottom and leave the top slightly loose ... so steam will escape ... and slosh ... Yea tank will get hot ... that's the whole idea ... slosh like crazy ... and drain in 2-3 mins ... tank should be quite hot ... and when its 99% drained ... again crap pocket caution ... shove the towel in it ... hold the other end amd put the tank front part down ... so towel can drop there and get the water ... I let it sit there for a few mins while I dry the petcock and top inner tubes ... and pull towel out and shake tank cheking for water ... Should have none ... Then put petcock with rubber and put in like 12 ox MEK or acetone, put top back on and tighten that also this time and slosh ... After 2-3 mins ... open the top and look ... should be wet with acetone or semi wet, and be absolutely rust free ... Then put in 1/4 of the Kreem or even less and put top and petcock with inner tube back and tighten and slosh for 3-4 mins ... now open top and look and you should see a milky white liquid running every where ... if there is a lot of it .. you may want to use the petcock to drain it ... and let it dry and cure ... then repeat ... then repeat ... after 3 and it dries ... the Kreem should barely be visible ... IMHO Ideal to stop there ... but if you dont want to ... take a long screwdriver ... and you should be sure its dry at this point ... stick it in and scratch the bottom ... you should make a single line and maybe break the white stuff in that line ... not take a chunk off it with the screwdriver ... From now on ... each coat has to be thicker ... else it will peel off the previous coats ... and sitting it on each surface will be needed, as is opening cap and petcock periodically ... else it wont evaporate ... If you get Kreem in the petcock while draining ... put that in Acetone ... then take it apart after a few mins ... then should dry out fine. That's how I been doing it ...
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