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Benefits of Proper winter storage


Since the time of year has come where 2 days back to back have temperatures nearing double digits, I figure it's time to make the first bike trek to work.

I've always been very meticulous about storing my bike.  I always put fuel stabalizer, get the tires of the floor, fog the cylinders, store the battery etc etc etc...

ANYWAYS, to the point.

Yesterday I threw the battery on the trickle charger for a few hours and today I got home from work, put the battery in and within 30 seconds it back to life.  THIRY SECONDS!

Man, it pays not to cut corners.  Here's to a new season in the great whire north!!   :cheers:

How do you 'fog the cylinders'?

I hear ya, I just brought mine back to life this past weekend.  Same thing, battery in it and not even a minute later and bam!  Started right away.  It does pay off to properly store it.

On a related note, I'm going overseas for 6 or 7 weeks later this year, and I'm wondering if it's worth 'winterising' my bike for that length of time.

If not, I could probably even get a mate to come round and start her up a few times while I'm away.

Which option do you think is better?


--- Quote from: Ry_Guy ---How do you 'fog the cylinders'?
--- End quote ---

Go to your local autoparts store and ask for engine fogger.

You remove the air filter, start the bike on a low idle and spray the fogger into the carbs until the engine chokes and stalls.  This puts a thin coating on the cylinder walls that prevents rust and/or other build ups from building up.

It costs about $6 (cdn).


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