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Anne goes drag racing for the first time, watch it.

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Take a look.  It;s harder than she thought and the excitement and adrenaline made her starts suck as she kept dumping the clutch instead of feathering it.  But she had an awesome time!  (notice the busa kicking her ass, the dude is an experienced dragger just having fun with his street bike :lol: )

Here she is:

If you have a chance to go to a drag it.  It's cheap ($17 and got in 5 runs), it's fun and it's safe.  you need a snell approved (or is it DOT?) helmet, leather jacket and that's about it.  Apparently leather pants are required if your trap speed is over 120 (which is a good idea), Anne wore cordura riding pants.  You're only racing against yourself and it's damn fun  :thumb:  I know some of the guys here have dragged their GS and love it, we can see exactly why now  :thumb:

That's awesome! I wish I had a place like that around here. I'd give it a whirl. I'd get my butt handed to me, but I'd still have a good time doing it. I am glad she did too.

Hip Hip Hooray! haha  :cheers:

hehe nice, warn her tho it can be quite addictive

Too late  :lol:  She's already making plans for next weekend  :o She's been really toying with getting onto a track for a while.  I'd rather her drag than roadrace  :thumb: The track is only 15 minutes away :thumb:

...I wonder how long before she cooks her clutch  :dunno:  

Really it's the most fun $17 dollars can buy.

what is she riding?


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