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Anne goes drag racing for the first time, watch it.

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--- Quote from: crash ---what is she riding?
--- End quote ---

ya I was going to ask the same thing.  Its a zx6r right?


--- Quote from: john ---excitement and adrenaline made her starts suck
--- End quote ---
Her starts are better than mine!   :lol:

wasnt speedworld was it, or firebird? :dunno:


--- Quote from: yamahonkawazuki ---wasnt speedworld was it, or firebird? :dunno:
--- End quote ---

It was Fireturd.  It was seriously still about 108 when they started and the lane dude made them wait and wait and wait to line up.  He was letting cars go, they'd make their run and come back around for a hot lap and go again while they waited.  Guys who drag around here hate, and I mean HATE Fireturd for that reason -no respect for bikes or the fact they bikers are sitting in full leathers in sweltering heat and making them wait longer than junior sitting in daddys BMW with the AC on.

In a week or two Anne will be going up to speedworld so try her hand at it again.

...and yes she still has the zx6r.  It is seriously one of the most well balanced sportbikes/hypersport tourer in the universe.  Just like the zx9 and busa.

Good to see she's still riding.  How come we hear a lot about her but never anything from her?


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