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Possibly re-occuring event (based on interest, weather, and finances)

Current Details VOTE:

Location:  Steven's Pass = (7 Votes)
Crystal Mountain = (2 Vote)
Mt. Baker = ( Vote)
Somewhere else that isn't Snoqualmie = ( Vote)[/list:u]

Day:  Saturday = (5 Vote)
Sunday = (3 Vote)
Weekday Holiday (X-Mas, etc) = (Vote)[/list:u]

Time:  Butt-Crack of Dawn = (2 Vote)
Noonish  = (3 Vote)
Night Skiiing (Depending on location) = ( Vote)[/list:u]

Carpools:  I have a 4WD Exploder and a 4-Board ski rack...  (Assuming the 4WD still works.   :dunno: ) But, I like to show up around noon and stay until I can no longer walk (usually pretty late, 8-9ish)...  I'm down with going earlier, but I'm still going to want to stay late ('cause night boarding is fun!)

Feel free to cast votes for your friends (as long as they'll ACTUALLY come along)...

Also!!!  Any boarding newbs out there?  I know several people that are still learning to snowboard and always offer new boarders pointers and help...  :thumb:  (Skiers are on their own since I don't know how to ski...  :dunno: ) I'll usually hang out with the newbs until everyone has a basic concepts of getting the gear on, standing up, getting on/off the lift, and heal plowing down the bunny hill...  Then I'll take off for a while and come back later to see how things are progressing...  Repeat.

OK...  SNOW!!!

I'll vote for Steven's, saturday or sunday works for me, and somtime between the buttcrack of dawn and noon.

And I call two spots in the Exploder, if I can.  If not, I can drive myself (but it's always nicer to ride in a 4wd with ski rack).

Coolio...  It all depends on who's going on what day and how late they wanna stay...

I like to get the most outta my money.   :mrgreen:

I can seat 5 and get 5 boards, as long as one of them is pretty small...  My wife's board is a child board, so it's plenty small.  My sister's board is pretty small too...  But, I have a 161, so it's kinda huge.

The best way to do a trip is to fill a vehicle, so everyone can split gas...  Ends up being cheaper.   :thumb:  Season before last, I went snowboarding three times by myself...  Not very economical, but it's worth it...  I'd even front gas if people didn't have the cash.

My wife is quite small, and we both ski.  Skis + poles take up a little less room than boards, in my experience.


Yeah...  They're long, but you can usually stash them a little easier than snowboards.


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