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-&gt;insert-&gt; just read the last two lines if your lazy, because I'm too lazy to clean this up right now-&gt;insert-&gt;
Lets see.. Yes this sounds fun.

My votes!

Location: Steven's Pass is good. Anywhere else is fine too. Mt. Baker closes at 5pm if anyone didn't know. How about Whistler/Blackcomb ?? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Day: depends on the time.
--&gt; If noon: any day I don't have to work the next. (sat/sun)
--&gt; If early as hell: any day I dont have to work and dont have to work the next one. (probably a sat)

Time: see above.

If anyone has a vehicle but can't carry stuff, I can take a ranger. It would hold everyones stuff plus some. (ive always wanted to bring a bbq...  :mrgreen: )

We should take our bikes!  :thumb:

Btw, is this suppose to be a recurring event, or one time shot? If its only once, then everything depends. If its going to go on all winter, (ill be poor!) I vote sunday.

Also, I reserve the right to back out if the snow season sucks ass. FYI I ski now, but only after skiing for 4 years, the boarding for 6, and then getting tired of boarding.

I'll have to ask my friend if he would like to come.

Awww, you know what! we should instead plan for next year, that way we can all get $290 season passes.

So, in conclusion of my long winded post: any day you picked (even by me) will be a toss up on if I can come. Although if theres about a month advance, I can ask for it off, and most likely get it. So, any day is fine. I guess I am going to change my vote for the third time this one post.


We should take our bikes!  :thumb:

Sounds like fun  :thumb:
My wife and I would love to go
my vote:
-Crystal or Stevens
-little after "Butt-crack of dawn" through "night skiing"
We have a two door 200sx (not good for snowboarding) and the GS (lets take the GS's)
but our being able to go would depend on the date and I would need to get a new board (I broke mine)

I don't know anything about snowboarding or skiing. I would like to go but I would just get mess up everyones fun. I plan on renting some equipment this year and taking a few lessons.....Maybe next time.....thanks for the offer.

I'd love to go.
Never been to Stevens so I vote for Crystal/Stevens as those are way better then Snoqualmie.

Day = Saturday/Sunday because either works for me.

Time = I like morning to afternoon riding, so butt crack = afternoon would be my vote.

Thanks for the invite, and I hope to see meet everyone there.

Coolio!  Looks like we have some interest!!!  YAY!!!

Hey Jeppy, you're not gonna wreck everyone's fun!!  There are other people out there that are learning...  It's just about how long you want to be on the mountain and finding rides that match up.

I'm a little crazy and like to stay a long time...  There may be other people that want to stay a few hours.  We just need to match up the people...

If you've never gone, you can go with people and they can help...  Or you can take lessons.   :dunno:  It's up to you...  I never took lessons, I learned from watching other people and talking to my friends about what works.  Like I said, I'm willing to hand out pointers and hang around until you seem to get the basics...  I won't just ditch people when I tell them I'll help out...   :nono:

I have a few other friends that have never gone...  I guarantee newbs will have company.


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