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GS500 Rear Huggers

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I'll do runs of 6, paid up front. So once there are six total, I'll make another run.
Will keep the request/paid list here:
1 - not spoken for
2 - not spoken for
3 - not spoken for
4 - not spoken for
5 - not spoken for
6 - not spoken for

GS500 rear hugger:

Well, it took a while, but i finally got the hugger made for my GS and it's available to the rest of you GS'ers out there.
I made this hugger originally for a stock 2004 gs500f, mounting onto the existing chaingaurd and brake torque bar, but should fit up to an '89, I dont believe the parts have changed much since then. There is 1cm clearance on either side of the tire, so you if you have a slightly bigger tire it shouldn't be a problem(I have a 140 on mine, fits no problem).

Comes as a fibreglass/epoxy version, painted black and is ready to install as is.  - $170 (Canadian Dollars) + shipping + (2.9% of the total(hugger+shipping) for paypal fees if paying by paypal)

Comes with install instructions and necessary hardware to mount it. Made for a very simple install, all you need is a drill, a 3/16 inch drill bit and a pop rivet tool.

Shipping options:

All prices are stated in Canadian Dollars

Within Canada:

$20 (4 days/tracking #)


Air: $22 (up to 2 weeks/no tracking #)


Surface: $22 (6-8 weeks/no tracking #)
Air: $40 (2 weeks/no tracking #)

Payment by money order or paypal.
Email me or Private Message me for payment details.

/Jeff :thumb

Just want to say hey whats up! Installed the carbon hugger on the 05 and it fit perfect . Instructions and install hardware were 100 %.Worth every penny to me .EXCELLENT job . CHEERS !

Glad you liked it!

Here's the full side image my original posting seems to have vanished somehow :dunno:

I have four more in production right now, but i will be gone for 2 months with work starting in april, so if you would like one for spring this will be your last chance until I am back in the summer.
I'm hoping to have them all done by the end of this weekend. Anyone interested in one, let me know.


will be finishing these off over the weekend....three left


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