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GS500 Rear Huggers

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rat man407:
i was just wondering if somebody could take a few photos of one that not on the bike i would like to try bluiding my own but have no clue what shape

thanks for anyone's help

I found I have one that I will not be using. It is fiberglass.
Will sell for what the cost was plus postage.
I think that was like $200 US dollars.
New, in the box.

hey addidasguy

Are these easy to install? What benefits are they to the bike? Could be interested in it.

Easy to install. Drill 2 holes in the top of the chain guard. Bolt on. Zip tie to the right side torque arm.
1. They look cool
2, They cover the 3" gap between the rear fender and the swing arm, thus keeping crud and dirt off of the suspension area
3. They add 2 HP to your bike  :bs:

You can browse my photos and see pix of on my bikes. All of them have one.


I may be interested.. What is the charge on your stainless chain guard?


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