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Repainting exhaust
« on: January 13, 2006, 09:50:26 PM »

I would like to make this for the FAQ section since I did this mod and it turned out great. 

For starters, my header was looking rusty since my bike sits out, so it was time to do some preventative maintinance.  I always wanted to paint my exhaust but didn't know what to use.  I had heard of these so called BBQ paints, but upon closer inspection of the label, they are only able to handle 1200 degree temps for shorter periods of time.  I came accross a product made by PJ1 called "fast black H formula".  It works great.  Buy yourself two will need them both if you want to do a good job.  You will also need some heavy grit and fine grit sand paper.  I used a drill  and course buffing wheel instead of course paper since it would have been a lot of work.  You will need some acetone as well.

Start off by removing your exhast and taking the canister off of the midpipe and seperating it all.  Make sure you either remember or mark how they go together.  Sand everything off with your heavy grit paper to get all rust, road grime, etc off.  Once you have sanded everything down, clean the header off with acetone and a clean rag and look for missed spots and resand them.  Once you are done, sand it down well with the fine paper to get a perfect smooth finish.  Clean the header off with acetone and you will be ready to paint.

The paint is just like normal spray paint...hold the can 12-16" away and aim where you want paint to go.  Once you are done painting, let it sit for one to two hours depending on temp (never paint at air temp below 70) before putting it back together.  Once back together, put it back on the bike and start and run your bike for ~30 minutes.  This process will bake the finish onto your header.  Don't be surprised if you see smoke, the paint is just curing.  Once you have done this, You are done.  Congrats.

Here is a picture of mine after paint:
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Re: Repainting exhaust
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2006, 10:14:35 PM »
Nicely done, Ninja_Steve!  Might be a good idea to advise using new exhaust gaskets if the existing ones are OLD.

One aside;  are your wheels polished or painted?

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Re: Repainting exhaust
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2006, 10:27:01 PM »
It should be noted that the exhaust shown here is not stock. Looks like definitely aftermarket.

Stock exhaust is one peice from engine to muffler, inlcuding muffler. You have to tape and mask off the muffler to paint the pipes.

1200F temp paint will work but I dont know how long it will last vs PJ1. I used 1200F and it worked fine. Definitely dont use 500F tamp paint as it will completely burn off when you start the engine.

Thanks for writing this up.
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