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WEST coast-kerry's valve adjusting kit?

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My Name Is Dave:

--- Quote from: Mk1inCali on April 18, 2006, 04:43:28 PM ---allmtrslut-

I believe it is in Celica's possession right now, waiting to ship to you.

--- End quote ---

Woah, what? This is the list, as far as I'm aware:

My_Celica_Is_Jealous   Anaheim, CA
AgentNitz              La Crescenta, CA
Mandres                ?, TX
2005-GS500-PDX         Portland, OR
allmtrslut             Los Angeles, CA
mk1incali                   San Diego/Beverly Hills, CA

So it's skipping AgentNitz, Mandres, and myself and going to allmtrslut? I must have missed something...

Did you pm allmtrslut and My_Celica_Is_Jealous?

My Name Is Dave:

--- Quote from: scratch on April 21, 2006, 03:49:00 PM ---Did you pm allmtrslut and My_Celica_Is_Jealous?

--- End quote ---

No, but I've gathered that they're doing it together. Is that why you ask?

Oh, and the thread says it was started by me. I rule!

no i sent it to arrived already (according to usps delivery confirm)...agentnitz and allmtrslut are trying to do it together...they are asking mk1 to join them

cool, I guess that makes me next.  Perfect timing.  Please PM me when you're rdy to send and I'll give you my address.



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