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WEST coast-kerry's valve adjusting kit?

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Well my two new shims I had to order came in and I used the one I needed and included the other one in the kit. The kit has also been forwarded to Agno as of yesterday. Thanks guys.

Hey! I've been wanting to ask about this. Are you guys passing around a set of 29.5mm shims? Man I'd love to get in on that while it's still in Socal. I'm in southern Orange County, Mission Viejo. I'm new here, should I request it next or try to get together with someone that already has it? Thanks!

I would think you would need to stick around a while before anyone would pass it to you or at least give some other forums or ebay id showing character reference.

No worries. The job at hand can't wait for us all to get acquainted, so I'm just gonna have to help myself. The Southland Cycle Center in Garden Grove says they have a good supply of the shims I need, here's hoping I don't have to make too many trips. Speaking of... I need to find a ride, lol. Thanks anyway!

I bought new shims from a seller on ebay for $6 each


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