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Good central-PA destination suggestions?

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As much as I am jonesin' for a ride down to my alma mater in Blacksburg, its a long trip for me which would require a few days.  I'm trying to think of a few interesting day-rides out of State College.  Anybody got any good suggestions for sites to see?

So far I have come up with the following:

Centralia, PA - "modern-ruins" site of the underground coal fire started in 1962 (still burning today) - 2 hrs out

Flight 93 temporary memorial - self explanatory - 2 hrs out

any other suggestions?

You could check out the PA Grand Canyon.  I'm pretty new to the area so I haven't been there yet but people say it's great. 

Did you decide on anything VTLion?

Good question, I've been riding to State parks around here.  Usually make a good stop and strech spot, and good scenery.  Worlds End is nice, but not much there to do other than hike.  I'm sure you've been up to Hyner view outside of Renovo, too.  From what I hear the Corning glass mueseum in Corning, NY is pretty neat, although I have never been there.  And, if your into reptiles there is always Reptiland on Rt 15 between I-80 and Williamsport.  Its actually pretty neat, being a accredited zoo and all.

I'll be interested to hear any additions anyone else wants to make.  :thumb:


--- Quote from: LPC2104 on May 09, 2006, 12:47:21 PM ---Did you decide on anything VTLion?

--- End quote ---

No, but if anybody wants to meet up for a ride I'm game.

I was thinking about possibly going exploring on Saturday, weather permitting.  Unfortunately, the 10-day forecast looks a little sloppy.  Its cool, we need the rain.

After this weekend, I'm gone for almost three weeks for my wedding.  Maybe June sometime?


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