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Good central-PA destination suggestions?

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Theres a good loop up near south williamsport...

554 south to 44 west,
then 44 west to 654 north, which will bring you back into south williamsport.

Its about 30 miles, and 554 ascends and decends over a mnt, about 1000  feet up then back down.
Theres also a 6 mile section on 554 that has about 42 turns if i counted right.


--- Quote from: vtlion on May 10, 2006, 02:45:31 AM ---I was thinking about possibly going exploring on Saturday, weather permitting.  Unfortunately, the 10-day forecast looks a little sloppy.  Its cool, we need the rain.

After this weekend, I'm gone for almost three weeks for my wedding.  Maybe June sometime?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, this weekend will suck.  I don't think I'd be able to go anyway.  I just started riding and pretty much ride from my house on university dr, past the beav, up toftrees then to work by the olive garden.  It's a simple route and good practice.  I did go out on 45 for about 60 miles and that was great too.  No traffic and beautiful scenery.

I might be up for a ride in June.   :thumb:  I'm taking the MSP june 2nd so I guess I'll be more qualified to ride longer rides then.  :dunno_white:

On a side note.  While lurking, I think I saw you were a homebrewer.  Me too!  I just made a pale ale a few weeks ago and kegged it this sunday.  While my wife and I were making it, my friend with the Ninja500 came kinda unexpectedly to go for a ride.  So I had to leave while my wife finished it.  She made a cool tap label that is somewhat fitting for the forum.  I'll see if I can get a picture and post it later.

oooh.. yummy  :cheers:

Yeah, I brew, but this past semester I have been far too busy to make anything.  I plan on getting something rolling in June.  Maybe a nice fall brew.. belgian white or pumpkin-spice ale.  something like that.

We should get together for a scoot sometime soon.  I suffer from a severe lack of riding pals in state college.  As you can imagine, the squid-to-nonsquid ratio is pretty high here  :icon_rolleyes:

Yep, I'm up for rides too.  Maybe I can make it down to State College with out bending my rims on a piece of concrete this time.  :) 

Bargovic, I ride those roads all the time, good stuff.  There are some really cool spots on on 477 north of 880, and a few cool spots on 44 North out of Jersey Shore too.  :thumb:

Thats 44 out towards jersy shore right?  Ill have to check it out once my bikes fixed (GRRR ##^%*@&, cops).

Let me know if you guys are going for a ride, i wish i made it down to state college for that triumph demo day the other week.
I would of went and drooled all over the speed triple.


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