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RANT: Grammar Police Can Suck My Pencil

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Dear Grammar Police,

Just in case you have not yet realized it, this is a casual Internet forum about motorcycles. It is not a scholarly journal, term paper, or a literary work of any importance. You are not being graded, and you are not my English teacher. It is simply a laid back online forum for people to hang out, post stuff, etc. Everyone should feel comfortable posting, right?

I personally find it obnoxious when someone "corrects" my spelling or grammar. You know what I mean, so why call me, or anyone else, on it? Are you trying to make them feel like a degenerate? Why do you feel the need to proove how smart you think you are? I'm not impressed.

Do you correct the speech of those around you? I hope not, because just like on here it only makes you come off as pompous and condescending. Almost no one - except maybe foreigners  :laugh: - speak true, proper English. Our dialect is casual. Get over yourself.

Would a quick read through / spell check / preview hurt before posting? Of course not. But is it really that important? No, it isn't.

If you want to be all anal about your own posts, that's great. Keep on keepin' on.

And if you don't like it, you can suck my pencil. Beeyotch.  :flipoff:


PS - G'head - Look it over for a typo or a spelling error, but I've got better things to do  :thumb:

what chaps my butt is when people correct me when I write "your"  instead of "you're"


oh christ. He's right though.  you were talking about soup.

Well, it wasn't just that.  :laugh:

It's just petty, and it happens a lot. And so what if I was? He, and everyone else, knew what I meant. :dunno_white:


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