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Here is some more recent watching material that might be useful for group rides.!

The links are dead  :sad:

--- Quote from: RedShift on July 13, 2006, 01:17:45 AM ---I don't know about you folks, but to paraphrase George Throrogood, I (usually) ride alone -- yeah -- with nobody else.  Kinda easy to make a last second decision and apart from signaling, not confuse anyone but yourself.

So when you hook up for a Group Ride, you might want to review and use some of the information available in this thread.  Here's some topical reading material on Group Riding:

[*]Group Riding Tips (from AMA Website)

[*]Common Hand Signals (also from AMA Website)

[*]Motorcycle Group Riding Etiquette -- Hand Signals and Riding Rules

The last two links to two separate Hand Signals are they are largely complementary, though the latter offers a unique signal, the favourite of many, the "Ticked Off" signal:

Use that signal with care. :)  Happy reading and have a safe ride.

(Cross-posted by popular demand from the 2006 Michigan GS500 Meet & Group Ride thread Post 50.)

--- End quote ---


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