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shifter prob

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sometimes I ride my bike and get to a fresh red light so I shift into N and when I try to get it into 1st I wont go, no matter how hard I kick it down. this even happens when Im down shifting to a red, it just doesnt like 1st gear.  :x  :x  any suggestions on the problem and how to fix it? I have a 1998 gs500

It happens to me as well mate, sign of an abused transmission. When clicking down does it just bounce back up? If so let the clutch out to biting point and you'll hear a clunk from the gear box. Then you will be able to click into gear. Don't actually know what is happening though, anyone else like to enlighten us?
Thanks Simon

The Antibody:
Well, I would suggest checking your oil level. Thats tied into the gearbox.


to respond to the first dude, no it doesnt bounce up, it just sticks into first. I can get into 2nd smoothly but just not into first. Its not a seriuos problem yet but it worries me.  Theres been a few times were I have to start off in 2nd from a complete stop cause the dang thing wont go into 1st.  its really aggravation :x  :x  :x
I would appreciate any advice from anyone thanks

From neutral, try rolling the bike a bit forward, with the clutch in.  and as you're moving, try to engage first.  Works for me.


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