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shifter prob

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Motorcycles have flywheels, but not quite in the same function as cars. MC transmissions have three types of gears, fixed, sliding, freewheeling. The sliding gears have the dogs which hook into the sides of the freewheeling and fixed gears to change which set of gears is transmiting power. Very much as Rich described, except the flywheel is not involved in MC trannys (maybe just a terminology difference though).

Thanks wrencher. I couldnt put my finger on the proper word, so i just used "flywheel" becasue i was too lazy too think it up.

try just double clutching.

actually, pretty much all modern motorcycles use synchromesh transmissions, and the mechanics behind our bike's sequential transmission and a focus' transmission are identical. both use the elemental design of constant mesh gears, synchros, synchro hubs, dog gears, and shifter forks. the big difference is a focus' shift forks are ultimately connected to a lever (the shifter) which can go into any one of 5 positions from any other position. a bike's transmission has the shift forks connected to essentially a drum which indexes up and down. the bike's shifter will rotate this drum either up or down, that's why you have to go through 4-3-2 if you want to shift from 5th to 1st, because the drum has to rotate through the 4-3-2 positions to get back to the 1st position.


--- Quote from: rprata ---From neutral, try rolling the bike a bit forward, with the clutch in.  and as you're moving, try to engage first.  Works for me.
--- End quote ---

So, everybody else is having this prob, and I thought I had a bent shifter fork...

But, yes, I either wait until the bike is down to idle as I'm rolling to the stoplight to engage 1st gear, or I rev the eng up to 'bout 3k in neut and click it in. And, if neither of those work I wait til I stop and then try to engage it. I've had a footstomping party at one light, and all the cagers were lookin' at me weird... :P


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