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shifter prob

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--- Quote from: Rich500 ---Thanks wrencher. I couldnt put my finger on the proper word, so i just used "flywheel" becasue i was too lazy too think it up.
--- End quote ---

Hey Rich......nice boobs.

John L.

I thought youd like me.
Are you sure Zoltan. I think both of us are half right. The truth is somewhere down the middle. Its not quite possible to have the same kinda transmission. Take yous apart, and see for yourself. Its more like my animation link (ours). I have taken apart quite a few gearboxes, and ours arnt like my cars for sure.

I mean my boobs, im just kiddin around. they are nice boobs, if i were a girl those are the ones id want for sure.

quite sure man. if you pulled one of each apart, you'd see that the everything up to the shifter forks works exactly the same. in fact, that animation would work just as well for a focus' 5 speed as it would for a motorcycle's.

it also helps to know the syncrhonizers only work when there's a speed difference between the mainshaft and countershaft of the transmission. this is why letting the clutch out for a second works, it spins up the mainshaft and, provided you shift quickly enough, enables the synchros the work.

the article on synchros is really good. if you want to get and understanding of how they work, i really recommend it.


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