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shifter prob

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Black Snowman:

--- Quote from: rprata ---From neutral, try rolling the bike a bit forward, with the clutch in.  and as you're moving, try to engage first.  Works for me.
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It's common with sequential transmissions in motorcycles. Sometimes I have to roll as far as a foot to get mine to go in.

Yup.  Happens on my bike too.


--- Quote from: scar_ace ---It happens to me as well mate, sign of an abused transmission. When clicking down does it just bounce back up? If so let the clutch out to biting point and you'll hear a clunk from the gear box. Then you will be able to click into gear. Don't actually know what is happening though, anyone else like to enlighten us?
Thanks Simon
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My 89' does this too sometimes.  While sitting at a light, it won't go into first.  I do what Scar suggests - Let the clutch out in neutral, pull it back in and it goes right into first every time.  This works for me, may work for you.

I think the problem is, the mesh that needs to occur for the gears to slip together is not there.  Letting the clutch out momentarily moves the gears slightly and lines them up so they will mesh together smoothly.

Now, that's just me thinking out loud.


A sequential transmission has things called dogs, that why they are sometimes called a dog box. anyway the dogs are these semicircular, kinda a bent rectangle thing that sticks out of the gear, they click into slots on the flywheel (maybe wrong term) that are a corisponding shape. what is happening is the dogs on your gear, are being sitting in beween the slots, by rolling back or forward, you move the flywheel, and the slots move into poition. its not a serious position, its just luck of the draw when you stop whether or not you land in the grooves, or just beside them.
Hopr that helps to explain it. sometimes i will go 10 stops and have to roll a bit each time, sometimes i will go 10 stops and not have to roll ever. just luck really.  dont downshift into first too often, it really not made for it at higher speeds. i studied it in engineering.
a sequential transmission in your bike is more like a formula 1 gearbox or a ferrari enzo gearbox than something like a 5 speed in a ford focus. a sycromesh transmission in a normal car allows you too skip gears becasue of its shifting mechanism, where as  a sequential obviously doesnt because the gears more or less drop in on top of eachother in(this is extremely simplified) if yah have any other questions about them let me know. I can tell you anything about the mechanical working in so much detail you might wonder if i have a life.

Check this naimation out to get a better idear. you can see the dogs on the right side of the mechanism when the animation spins. Hope this helps yahll understand it. maybe i should do a post explaining the whoole thing. whatcha think?


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