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As of today, the Tard Farm is no longer going to be a "playground" of anymore controversial new topics.

As our benevolent site owner, John, had reluctantly bestowed upon us, due to other's persistant requests, the Tard Farm, with this statement:

Tard Farm
Any dumb posts, fights, annoying or offensive threads are tossed here.  A place where they can be viewed and debated till the end of time - or till 7 days after the latest post, whichever comes first.

This is supposed to be an informational site about the GS500 (and GS450), it is also so that we can arrange group rides, and buy or sell GS500's and GS500 parts.  We have been allowed an Odds & Ends for civil and non-controversial discussions about topics other than the GS500.  Enjoy the site for the freindly people and advice.

Thank you,

The GStwin staff

It's "friendly".

So no more tard farm? I'm afraid I don't quite understand the post.

Yeah, I'm a little confused, also. :icon_confused: :dunno_white:

Confusion is good.

Members will no longer be able to start new threads in the TF.

Bummer, that ends the confusion.

Oh, ok.. I thought that might be what it was saying.

But if we start a dumb or offensive thread, it gets thrown here by the mods, and then we can continue to post in it. I really don't understand the change. People like Special Terry or Dizzy Vertigo, or me (when drunk) start stupid posts directly in the tard farm, cuz that's where we know they'll end up. It saves the mods work, and saves the people who don't want to read tard farm material time. But whatever, it just seems like more work for you guys.


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