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Rejetting prices, details, and O rings

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The Buddha:
Whole carbs
89-00 - $45 and return shipping for carbs.
01+ - $50 and return shipping.

Jets only:
$25 shipped for 89-00.
$25 shipped for 01+ without mids, $33 with mids, overseas shipping $2 more.

Remember, these do not include O rings, needles, floats, anything really other than a light clean and rejet.

Drilling out stuff is extra $5 per thing that needs to be drilled. Brass caps on air screws are free but I cant guarantee the spigots wont get scraped etc in the process. Brass is a lot harder than cast aluminum and if you are unlucky the aluminum can split, crack, or get nicked while drilling the brass.

These are going to be done on a bench and lightly tested for leaks or other errors and then sent back. Now, if you have a specific issue please name it in a note, I will follow up and check it more thoroughly and tell you.

Remember this not a carburetor rebuild. I could do that but it will be well over $100 on top of jet costs. Swapping out 1-2 O rings pretty much is what all I have had to do so far on even the worst set of carbs. - Please see note on the bottom about this.

I also dont open the choke unless requested and paid for. 99% of carbs have good working chokes. Unless you tell me to open and clean it and pay for it, its going to stay in the carb.

I synch them by eyeball. if they have been synched already tell me, or if they look like they're in synch, I dont touch it.

Weird crap costs more - not just $$ but also time ... like DJ screw up's or busted pilot jet housing or leaks at the butterfly pivot etc etc ...
I have parts off other similar carbs, but when I am out of those, I will have to locate them some where and it takes time.
That is all I have so far on this, but I make it up as I go along.

Having said all this, in over 100 carbs, I am yet to lose a single one. I have brought back atleast 4 carbs from death and am working on the 5th.


I might as well add to this.
Swapping O rings - I should do it as required, and How is $2 per pair of O rings that need to be swapped.
Usually float spigot and top O rings go, but of late I have swapped out float retaining O rings and the guide base O ring as well.
Maybe I should add a charge for opening the choke section too.
Then there is the breakables that may need replacing on the ocassional carb. On an as needed/available basis.


LMAO thought u were too lazy to do anything :-D i'm j/p that sounds reasonable :-D

The Buddha:
Whaaaa ... oh yea ... I'd delete this post, but I am too lazy to do it.

So if i send my carbs to you to be rejetted I would be good to go with a new exhaust then ? Right or wrong?

what size jets are for purchase? or is it any size that can be drilled out of the stock jets?
if it is any size ill be purchasing some #150 jets from you as soon as i get some extra $ as im neck deep in a new car project and have no $ cus o it lol


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