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Any One Ever Buy A Bike Off Ebay ? Beware of scam.

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I'm currently very interested on a '06 GSX-R 600 for $3,000 on eBay.
Sounds too good to be true right?

Has anyone had positive or negative experience with getting a bike on eBay?

The Buddha:
Buying small ass sheite is bad enough ... you buy a bike I cannot freaking imagine what issues you would run into.
I buy small things, like calipers for the kat FE and some pecker head sells me one with a missing bleed bolt ... My first fear was that it was broken off ... but once it was missing and no other damage was there ... I just went ... thank you god ...
One more clown sold me a bent fork leg where he said the upper was bent but lower was good, and I bought 1 kat leg for $1 ... and it shows up ... upper is intact, so is the lower, the bottom bolt is missing and the top leg sits in the thing crooked cos its free to float ... not bolted in ... I been stiffed on brake rotors one time with a misleading ad where I thought I was buying 2 rotors but it was for 1 and he said so in some scrawled writing in the picture of the rotor not in the body of the ad, and after I left negative feedback for the guy, the other guy that bought the other rotor contacted me and sold me that rotor cheap ... I shudder to think I may have to buy crap from fleabay for doing more kat FE's ... Except minimal sheite I bought everythign else in person. Bikes - no way.

Is it for sale locally? Or are you planning on going to get it/ship it?

Look at this shaZam!, I think its a fake php page

The so called GSX-R for $3000:

A Real Item:

Their not even on the same domain.  :flipoff:
Look at his feedback compared to the real item feedback, its all FAKE.

His so called user id:    ThomasHDN
On real eBay does not exist. Holy shaZam!

His Email: From:       Thomas Hudson <>

He likes to go on craigslist and post, then send you an FAKE eBay email message telling you to view bike.

Click on the link, it looks real !!!   

I bought my GS off of ebay.  Smoothest transaction ever.  The bike was local, so I could go look at it.  After talking with the guy, I felt he was upfront with any issues (just minor dings from falling over), so I didn't even go look at it before I bought it.  He also was willing to let me out if I wasn't happy at the time I picked it up and dropped off the money. 

I would not buy a bike or car off of ebay unless I felt good about being able to get out of the transaction if it didn't pass my personal inspection.  Ebay is like anything else, many good people and some really bad ones. 


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