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Hey all. Just a post that can maybe be stickied so no one else has a run in with this company like I am having. Place is called

Ordered a Yosh slip on in May and was told it was in stock and would deliver in 5-10 days. Part still has not shown up and place won't answer emails or there phone.

I finally submitted a claim with the BBB and found out that the company has an F rating with the BBB. I know, I should have researched them before I gave up my money. Hindsight is 20/20 they say.

I did find them on and it seems I am just one of many to have this issue with this company. Maybe my post here will keep someone else from dealing with these folks like I have had to.

edit: company out of business.  No more web site.

The Buddha:
The buddha also has an F rating with the BBB ...

But buddha will sell ya a titanium scorpion oval slip on - new, flame pattern for 200 and ship ...

And buddha will actually sit on it a few days ... and then ship it ...

Stickieing the thread ...


always pay with a paypal account if you can. I got my 80 bux back from MAWonline when they went under because i filed a claim with paypal.

hey buddha what is your website??

If you paid with credit card, call your cc company and reverse the charge.


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