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This is something I have seen on other forums, and thought it would be cool to do here. I looked around and didn't see anything like it on here. I also think it would be pretty cool to get all the military folks, or anybody else who would want to to join in to do a ride in the local areas. Kinda like the Patriot Guard Riders but with out the Funerals and the Protest from that crazy church. So........

Sound off with branch of service, years of service , MOS and Active, Guard or Reserve.  I guess I'll go first.

SSG Million
Army Reserve 2002 - 2006 1/397th BCT  MOS's 31B (Miliary Police) then Retread to 92Y (Supply)
Kentucky National Guard 2006 2010 2/138th FA MOS's 13B (Field Artillery) then Retread to 13F (Forward Observer)
Kentucky National Guard 2010-Present 2/75th Recruiting and Retention Battalion MOS 79T (Recruiting and Retention NCO)

OIF 07-09  Convoy Secruity Gun Truck 1 Commander out of Camp Taji Iraq

Also I want to thank all Past, Present and Future military members for your service.

"If you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat"-Ronald Reagan

USN 99'-04'

99'-02'  NAS Pensacola, Dental Technician
02'-05'  Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base, Field Medic

Been in college every since, but am strongly considering going back.  I loved every minute of it!

85 to 89  US Army
Camp Stanley, Korea  1/16 FA, 2 ID
Fort Hood, Texas    1/67 armor 2 AD
Left as a SP4P,, MOS 88M,  <<<<< truck driver <<<<< 
, can't think of secondary one, it had something to do with carrying copper head rounds, small nukes and rockets.  Recruiter lied to me and said I would be driving an 18 wheeler,,,,, not even close,, I chased SP109's and 8 inch guns in SK and chased M1A1's at the Hood. Just missed Desert Storm 1,, crap,, I wanted to blow something up to!!
Participated in Team Spirit in SK, Reforger in Germany, 2 NTC tours and countless FTX exercises.
Out of 4 years I bet I spent 900 days in the field.

82-83  Princess Louise Fusiliers, Halifax NS - Reserve Infantry - Pte
83-84  723(Halifax) Communication Squadron - Reserve Signals - 2Lt
84-88  Lord Strathcona's Horse - Calgary, AB - Regular Army Armour - Lt
88-90  Army Reserve Recruiting Officer - Calgary, AB - Lt
90-98  746(Calgary) Communication Squadron - Reserve Signals - finished as Maj

NCO, 1975-1981
Had two AFSC's. . . (MOS for you Army people)
1.) Radio Relay Equipment Technician, and
2.) Air Traffic Control Radar Equipment Tech.

Best duty location: Mount Pateras Greece. (Remote duty pay in them days)

Had a pretty interesting (boring) time stateside doing Air traffic Control RADAR at Rickenbacker AFB too.
KC135's and C123's all day and all night. Kind of boring after a while but the old AN/MPN13 & TPX42 RADAR unit (shown below) was kind of fun.


Then worked for a couple of years as a civilian on 5 GHz radio systems for a US Defense contractor (back when such work was plentiful).
Also did some overhaul work on the BPDMS ship based missile system, it was similar to the RIM-Sparrow launcher in the photo below.  (Man, I feel old)

O.K., that's my 3 minuets of fame.
God bless all you veterans!


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