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Bonneville speed trials

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--- Quote from: The Buddha on October 14, 2011, 12:47:13 AM ---I dont think you can touch anythign past the exhaust and jetting for it to stay stock ... but you should read the rules carefully.

BTW I have heard the pipes being 2 into 2 help ... but worth the weight penalty ... no idea ...

Now, where are those GS'es that go 130 clicks that show up time to time on craigslist when you need em.


--- End quote ---
using metric speedometers in canada

Hey Guys, thanks for the input and discussion. Well we are back home from Bonneville's Bub 2012 and the GS didnt do to bad. As stated last year our best run was a 106 plus against a 112.4 record. This year we put down a 113.07 but we got smoked in our class (500PP) by a EX500 Ninja. They bumped the record up to 124.95 now in our class :icon_eek:. We had another jet change and a rear sprocket change that we didnt get to make but even with that I dont think we would be able to break into the 120"s.

Up side is getting beat out there on the salt is better then never trying and just sitting at home on your ass wondering :thumb:

Thank again guys

Hitting your goal is a big thing, even if someone else comes along and raises the bar.

Agreed, you probably won't get 120 out of a stock GS500 on the salt.

Glad you had a good run.   Could you give us a list of changes you were able to make since last year? So, what kind of work did they do on that EX?

Hey guys,
Here is what we did for this year, new cams, valves etc milled the head and had the ports polished, gutted the muffler and increase the exit size (this one we knew would get a record bounced so we took along another completely stock pipe), reworked the the carbs and rejetted.

   I am not sure what all they did to the EX as you know they would either be lieing or at a minimum not telling the whole story anyway



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