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Turning GS500f Into a great tourer!

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squirrel spur and doug spur
i love those twisties

squirrel spur over in the blueridge? around hillsville/fancy gap?

love that run, ride it and a few other gap's over there on my freebord every summer

That's the squirrels spur I'm talking about... what great little road!  Also nice in that area is Highway 89 between Mt. Airy and Danbury... but if you ride around that area I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know. 

What's Doug Spur... or where is Doug Spur?  I haven't heard of that one.


--- Quote from: SS Adrenaline on November 02, 2011, 05:18:21 PM ---So what happened to all the fairings?  It has an oil cooler in the front so it should have been fully faired.  Also you might get some more advice by placing this subject in the general discussion.  There are more people looking there that can help you out.  I have a 2006 and it doesnt rattle that bad at all.  Actually its pretty smooth.  As far as the seat you might wana try adding some padding.  Can you get a vid of it running to show us?  There miight be a problem but I think we would need more information about the machine to narrow it down.

--- End quote ---
some with the cooler were E's not F's

Noticed in your pictures you have no bar end weights. Get some! There there for that exact reason, to dampen vibration in the bars.
The stock Suzuki items are nice and heavy and do a good job.
If you go aftermarket get steel or stainless, not aluminium, need the weight.
Suzuki use an expanding rubber bung retainer for the bar end weights, make sure you buy the right type.

Pro Grip Gel grips also help dampen vibration and reduce fatigue, I like them a lot.


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